Feel Good Half Naked With Swimco

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I just got back from a hot and sunny vacation in Miami. One week away from winter (and all the snow) was just what I needed, except now, all I'm thinking about is my next getaway, even though summer is nowhere in sight.  One thing I love about travelling is all the shopping I do before I go away... like shopping for a new bikini or bathing suit, even though it can be stressful since the choices are endless.

I loved partnering up with Swimco, because this Canadian company knows swimwear well–after all, they've been in the business since 1975 and they're one of the largest swimwear retail chains in North America. Shopping Swimco online is an easy and fun experience with great customer service available to help you find just what you're looking for. They have a huge selection of women's, men's, and children's swimwear and beach accessories, and even though you're faced with a huge selection of swimwear options, it's easy to narrow down your search if you tell your online Fit Expert what you're looking for. Swimco prides itself on offering the best there is in swimwear and accessories, from the brands you already love.

Here's what else I love about this company: Swimco believes that everybody and every body deserves to feel confident in a swimsuit, and by providing swimwear that allows people to look good, people feel good, too, and nothing is more important than that. Swimco helps customers feel good half naked, and that's a wonderful thing. 

Since I already have dozens of bikinis, I've started welcoming one-piece bathing suits back into my life because they're so stylish right now. I knew I wanted a one-piece suit, in a bright colour. I was shown a blue bathing suit and instantly fell in love. Selecting my size was easy–I just gave my measurements and size to my Fit Expert, and after that, I chose a cover-up and beach hat to complete the look. My package was delivered within a couple of days, and everything (even the swim shorts I chose for my children) fit perfectly. (I loved the bright beach bag everything came in too!). 

I absolutely loved my bathing suit and felt incredible on the beach in south Florida. I can't tell you how many times strangers stopped to tell me how much they loved my bathing suit, asking me where I got it from. It was a great conversation starter. Feeling confident in swimwear–when you're wearing next to nothing–feels so good. 

Working with and selecting my new bathing suit from SwimCo was an incredibly easy and pleasurable experience, and I can't wait to shop SwimCo again. After all, a girl can never have too many bathing suits.

Thank you, SwimCo!
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