Sparkle This Holiday Season With Rent Frock Repeat

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Shopping is a great pleasure of mine—as long as I'm not shopping for something specific the night before a big event. I always find the greatest dresses when I'm not looking for something in particular, but when it's time to find a dress for a special event? Forget about it—there never seems to be anything perfect in stores, and it can be an overwhelming process that stresses me out.

Thankfully, Rent Frock Repeat—the store where you can rent designer frocks for a fraction of the price—collaborated with me and helped me find the perfect dress to wear to Boobyball. I wanted to wear a long gown, but didn't want to buy another long dress that would just end up sitting in my closet looking pretty on the hanger. The beauty of working with Rent Frock Repeat is that you can truly go as wild as you want for your special event, while knowing you didn't break the bank for your special night out.  Also, it is a great way to ensure you're not in the same dress as someone else.

Rent Frock Repeat took the worry and stress out of shopping for me. My consultant had several dresses already waiting for me to try on when I arrived for my fitting. (I had selected some of them online before my appointment to speed up the process). The only difficult thing was deciding on the dress because many frocks were great options. I went with my first choice, which was the first dress I tried on. It fit perfectly, and it was everything I was looking for that I could not find anywhere else. (Long, low-cut, classy, black, lacy).

How do you use Rent Frock Repeat?

Easy. First, register online—it's a super simple process. Once you've registered, take the time to browse the countless number of dresses online, select your favourites, and book a free, private fitting in the Toronto or Ottawa showroom. If you're out of town, you can also phone or Skype with a consultant who will walk you through the process.

Next? Wear it. Love it. Take a million pictures. Return it. (Rent Frock Repeat takes care of the dry cleaning, too).

Seriously, think about it—why buy yet another dress you'll only wear once or twice, when you can rent the hottest designer dresses for a fraction of the cost? It's guilt-free shopping at its best. And the dresses are so amazing. You are guaranteed to find at least 3 dresses you'll fall in love with.

To help you start your holiday shopping at Rent Frock Repeat, you can enter LOULOU15 when you're renting your dress for a 15% discount.

Happy shopping, friends. I hope you love your Rent Frock Repeat experience as much as I did. Can't wait to go back to stock up on pretty dresses for the holiday season!

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