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The bigger the better, right? I think so. Especially when it comes to shopping and stocking up on the things you need. Like cosmetics, books, handbags, jewellery... oh, wait—necessities, right. I love shopping at Costco for all the things I mentioned, but also for the true necessities like food and household items. Fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, bread, cheese, crackers, and awesome party platters that are perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Costco is also my go-to store for Tide, (I do so much laundry, I NEED Costco-sized Tide bottles!) Pantene, Crest, and Bounty paper towels. It's amazing how much money I save simply by shopping at Costco.

A brand-new Costco just opened its doors in Barrhaven and I had a chance to get a personal look at the huge warehouse store a few days ago at the pre-Grand Opening VIP party—and I was impressed! It's got all the things you'd normally find your local Costco store, but more. Because it's brand-new, there are some extra special deals right now, like... are you ready for this? Louis Vuitton handbags. That's right. And yes, they're real. (People have messaged me non-stop since I posted the pictures on Instagram and Twitter).

To celebrate Costco's new store openings in Ottawa, Waterloo, and Saskatoon, we're having a Twitter party! Join us on Tuesday, November 15th from 8:00-9:00 PM EST. We'll be giving away some great prizes, too! (You must be a Canadian resident, age of majority, and RSVP in order to win).

Please RSVP here: 

Disclaimer: I have received compensation for my involvement in this campaign and to attend and support the events by P&G. All views and opinions are my own.  
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binabug said...

our work place was just commenting about the new costco in toon town and we hope its parking lot is better designed then the first store that is in the city. As well we hope they have enough room to add onto the parking lot. Currently you can't get into the Costco most Saturdays because the parking lot is full....its in an area you can't park on the road, the gas station there is situated so that the line ups literally block you into the parking stalls and you basically can't leave once you park in a certain area.