Affordable And Stylish Must-Have Products For Back To School

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I can't believe I'm talking about this, but it's almost time for the kids to head back to school. It's crazy how quickly summer passes, isn't it? It's also too bad winter months never, ever seem to go by as fast. I wish summer lasted year-round, but let's be honest—my kids are definitely needing routine back in their lives. And as much as I love lounging by the pool for hours every day... I am also ready for more regular routine.

Yes, we've had a wonderful summer filled with great memories and vacations to Mont Tremblant and south Florida, and my boys enjoyed a couple of weeks of tennis camp, too. The rest of our summer days and nights were spent swimming and enjoying the great outdoors, and now... it's time to dust off the backpacks, and start thinking about making lunches every day. Are you ready? I am! (Except for the making lunches every day part. I could do without that.)

I was on CTV Morning Live today talking about essential and affordable back-to-school products kids will need this fall, whether they're starting kindergarten or university.

Here's what you need before the school year starts:

Sears Canada: For complete back-to-school looks for boys or girls, check out Sears Canada for fashionable and affordable finds. I love how it's so easy to shop at Sears Canada, and how you can find complete outfits for the kids for $65 or less. They also have a great selection of backpacks, too.

Mabel's Labels: I never start the school year without labels from Mabel's Labels. It is really important to label children's items for school, from backpacks to lunch bags to shoes and pencil cases. There are many different styles and icons to choose from, too.  I love that Mabel's Labels has allergy alert labels and stickers for kids with nut or other allergies, giving parents some peace of mind when kids are in school. 

Chapters Indigo: I could live in Chapters Indigo. It's more than just books, though books is the number one reason I go as often as I do. The back-to-school section is amazing, and offers many different and affordable option for the school year. From pencil crayons and markers, to calendars and lunch containers, you'll definitely find the stylish, affordable things your kids (and you!) will need for the coming school year. For more, check out 

Tag Along Toys: Shopping local is important to my family and I, and one of our favourite toy stores (in Kanata and on Bank Street) is Tag Along Toys. I love the great products the store carries, and the variety of items for back-to-school, including great lunch containers, backpacks, and the cool cup that will keep liquids (like milk) cold for kids throughout the day because of the freeze stick that comes in the container. For more information, visit Tag Along Toys in-store or online at 

Staples: Staples is another place I love shopping with my kids for our back-to-school supplies. We love stocking up on paper, pencils, erasers, pencil cases, and so much more.

MEC: If you're looking for great backpacks with extra padding and adjustable straps, visit MEC or for a wide variety of backpacks for students of all ages.

Happy back-to-school shopping, everyone. If you have any questions about any of the products I talked about, just let me know. I'd be happy to provide more information. 

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binabug said...

going to check out MEC. I have a back pack from about 1985 from my university days that is finally needing replaced and I want to see what their guarantee/warranties are like and how one goes about replacing (I hate replacing online and end up just not bothering which is a waste of money for sure!!)