Falling In Love With The Dailey Method

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I've been a member of many gyms over the years, and as much as I love my usual work out routine of taking classes, spinning, or just doing my own thing with weights, swimming, and the elliptical machine, I was in the mood for something different, because I always love a new challenge.

I was so excited when I was asked to be a Brand Ambassador for The Dailey Method, because I had never done barre before. After taking a tour of the studio, and meeting the lovely owners, Sarah Thompson and Jamie Rigby, I fell in love—and that was before I took a class! I love how friendly the instructors are, and how they've build an amazing sense of community in the studio. It's easy to make friends at The Dailey Method.

Fast forward a few days, and I was officially taking part in the #DoItDailey30 challenge. My challenge? To attend a class at The Dailey Method at least three times a week. I'm happy to say I did just that.

You guys? It was hard. Much harder than I anticipated. I thought barre was going to be relaxing and easy, but instead, I found out it was not what I imagined. It was challenging. And it worked every single muscle in my body, leaving me sore, but happy, and energized.  I could see the difference after only a few classes. So, as far as fitness is concerned, you're going to get an amazing work out. And it'll be tough, and you'll sweat, and you'll find out just how flexible you are... and how flexible you'll be after only a few classes.

The Dailey Method (TDM) is not only popular in Ottawa's Glebe studio, but also across North America and Europe. To give you a bit of background here, TDM is a safe, efficient, and effective (like crazy effective!) way to increase muscle length, strength tone, and balance, while improving cardio strength, posture, and motivation. Also, any sort of pain you might have been experiencing before, like lower back pain? I found that for me, I had no more pain, even after a tough workout. It really is body changing... and mind changing. I'm addicted.

The Daily Method helps you achieve a fit, healthy body, with toned, flexible muscles, and the best part is TDM has some amazing instructors—not the mention some seriously amazing music to go along with your workout, from 80's tunes to Broadway tunes, and of course, some Drake... right, Sarah?

Another thing I love about The Dailey Method is that it's affordable. And with so many classes to choose from, you'll be able to make it work with your schedule.

If you have any questions about my #DoitDailey30 challenge, or about The Dailey Method, please feel free to email me. And see you at the barre.

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