Shopping Made Easy With Loblaws Click And Collect

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Disclosure: I am a P&G mom. As part of my affiliation with this group, I have been compensated to test the Loblaws Click & Collect service. The opinions and views on this blog are my own. 

So we all know that grocery shopping is not always fun. It's time consuming, and no matter how long I spend walking from aisle to aisle, I arrive home to remember the one item I actually truly needed—is still at the grocery store! Sigh. Of course. I remember the days when my boys were much younger, when grocery shopping was even more of a challenge. I had to plan my trips to the grocery store around my baby's nap time, and sometimes, I would be a nervous wreck grocery shopping, scared that my baby would have a meltdown and start crying.

What has made my life much easier—and will certainly help out new moms, too— has been using Loblaws Click and Collect. It's online shopping, made easy. And it's actually so much fun, too!

While I'm working, I go to, and start my grocery shopping, without having to get in my car to drive to the grocery store to shop. This has saved me a lot of time, and I'm loving how efficient and easy it is to find everything.

Once you select the store you'll be picking up your groceries from, you can start your online shopping. You can even browse by aisle, and by brand. You can start in the bakery aisle, then go to dairy and eggs, and then meat and seafood, pantry, baby needs, household supplies, baby needs, and beauty. So simple and easily laid out, to make your shopping experience better. It's impossible to forget what you need when you're shopping in such an organized way. I love that you can see all the products you're shopping for, too.

The process of selecting your items is easy and only takes a few minutes—much less time than going to the grocery store to do your shopping! When you're finished your online shopping, you select your pick-up time, and drive to your Loblaws location at your convenience. Once there, you just call the phone number, and wait in your car for your groceries to be brought to you. It is simple, quick, and very efficient—and you should definitely give it a try and let me know how much you love it, too!
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