Have You Had The Talk?

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I don't often talk about health issues on my blog. However I thought it was important to bring up an issue that is near and dear to my heart and to spread the word about having The Talk about heart attacks. Yes, I'm only in my 30's, however it is important to make sure we're aware of the warnings signs of hearts attacks and what we can do in emergency situation.

This issue became really personal to me because last year, my father recently found out he has a pretty serious heart condition. Since then, I've become much more aware about heart attacks, what causes them, and what we can do to better prepare ourselves if we're in the same room as someone suffering a heart attack, or even if we are having one ourselves.

Here is what you should know:

In the event of a heart attack, call 911, then crush or chew two ASPIRIN 81mg tablets. This is vital and might help save your life or the life of someone you love. Did you know that one heart attack happens every seven minutes in Canada, with an estimated 70,000 heart attacks annually? That's a scary number, but there are ways we can protect ourselves, especially if we're educated and informed on the subject.

It's important to have The Talk with your parents, loved ones, and friends. It's not always an easy conversation to have, but it's one you must have. A recent survey by Vision Critical found that while 75 percent of Canadians feel they know the signs of a heart attack, only 10 percent of those were able to correctly identify the correct symptoms when asked.

Here are the signs of a heart attack that you should be aware of:

Chest discomfort
Upper body discomfort (including discomfort in the arms, jaw, neck, and back)
Shortness of breath
Sweating and nausea

Although talking about our health and the health of our loved ones can be difficult, it's very important. So the next time you're enjoying dinner around the table, bring it up. Just talk about the issues you're worried about, and remind your family and friends that keeping ASPIRIN 81mg in the home and in your purse is a great idea that could help save a life.

It's that simple, it's the little things we can do to help ourselves and our loved ones, after all. 

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this post. Views and opinions are my own.
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