Hot Books To Curl Up With This Winter (And To Read Before The Oscars!)

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Here are three things I love: traveling, reading, and shopping.

I need to have at least three or four books on my night table waiting to be read when I'm in the middle of a book, knowing it'll take me a day or two to get over the last book I've read. (I just finished reading Brooklyn, and oh, my God—it was amazing. Now I have to see the movie before the Oscars!)

I was on Daytime Ottawa today talking about the hottest books to read this winter. If you've been searching for your next great read, I've got a list for you!

Valentine's Day Books To Love:

Chasers of the Light—Poems from the Typewriter Series: This great collection of beautiful love poems is written by author Tyler Knott Greyson. Another great book by Tyler Knott Greyson /All The Words Are Yours. Both books make great books to give and to receive this month. Truly beautiful and inspirational. You can read from the author on Instagram.

Me Before You: This is a touching, unexpected love story by Jojo Moyes that will make you cry, so have the Kleenex box nearby when you start reading. Read this book before it hits the big screen. I always love reading the book before watching the movie.

I Love You Through And Through: This classic children's book is the perfect gift for young kids for Valentine's Day. Every child's library should have this book.

The Vintage Guide To Love And Romance: This is a cute book written by Kirsty Greenwood about a modern girl and old-school rules. It's a fun, modern read, and a great book to gift a friend this Valentine's Day.

Modern Romance: A book about modern romance written by hilarious comedian Aziz Ansari? Yes, please! This is a funny, thoughtful, fun read about modern romance, and about relationships in today's day and age. Aziz Ansari also has his own series on Netflix if you can't get enough.

Romance Is My Day Job: Written by Patience Bloom, real-life Harlequin editor, this book is about romance, love, and everythign in between. Sort of a cross between Briget Jones meets Sex In The City, it's a fun, modern fairy tale and a perfect beach read for your winter escape down south.

Books Turned Movies Turned Oscar Nominations:

Brooklyn: Brooklyn, by author Colm Toibin, is the best book I've read so far this year, and I'm so looking forward to seeing the movie now. Brooklyn is up for Best Picture, and Satires Ronan has a Best Actress nomination for her role as Eilis Lacey. The book is about the life of an Irish immigrant and her new life in Brooklyn. It is a touching story and a beautiful love story, too.

The Revenant: This novel by Michael Punke has been nominated for Best Picture and Leonardo DiCaprio is up for Best Actor. It's the story about a man's journey of survival and redemption, and a true cinematic experience. Read the book first, even though the movie is incredible, too.

Room: Room, written by Emma Donoghue, is one of the best books of the year—it's a very emotional read. Room is about a mom who has been held captive for seven years, and her life with her son, who has never seen the outside world. Her love for her son is fierce, and the book touches on love, survival, and their escape from their prison. Room is up for Best Picture and Brie Larson is up for Best Actress, too.

Betrayal: This is a book written by Boston Globe reporters about the crisis in the Catholic Church. This book inspired the movie Spotlight, which is up for Best Picture. A truly emotional book, and movie.

Steve Jobs: Written by author Walter Isaacson, the book and the movie is all about the life of Steve Jobs, and how he changed the world through technology. The book is based on more than 40 interviews, and interviews with family and friends, and it's a great read to get to know Jobs better, and how he became the success he was.

Two other great books to read that you'll love—Carol and The Danish Girl—are also in the Oscar race. Cate Blanchett is up for Best Actress for her portrayal of Carol Aird, an upper-class woman in the 1950's, who embarks on a love affair with a shopgirl named Therese, played by Rooney Mara. The book was written in 1952 by author Patricia Highsmith. The Danish Girl, by David Ebershoff, is about Lili Elbe, a transgender woman struggling with her identity and one of the first known recipients of gender-confirmation surgery. Eddie Redmayne is up for Best Actor for his role in this movie.

Hot New Books: 

If you're still looking for something good to read, here you go:

The High Mountains of Portugal: This book, by Yann Martel, is. "...part quest, part ghost story, part contemporary fable—offers a haunting exploration of great love and great loss." 

When Breath Becomes Air: This memoir was written by author and doctor Paul Kalanithi, and asks the question: what makes life worth living in the face of death? It's not an easy read, and touches on the challenges of facing death and on the relationship between doctor and patient.

The Lucky Years: This book is all about how we can thrive in this world, by David B. Agus, M.D.

The Art Of Stillness—Adventures In Going Nowhere: This book is by author Pico Iyer. Is stillness the ultimate adventure? This book talks about the age old practice of slowing down.

Grace and Style—The Art Of Pretending You Have It: This funny book (filled with cute pictures) is written by Grace Helbig, bestselling author of Grace's Guide, and comedian, actress, and YouTube personality. This book talks about things like the ten commandments of online shopping, cleaning out your closet, and hair, makeup and accessories. Yes, please!

Happy reading, friends. May your February be short, filled with love, warm drinks and red, red wine, and may you fall in love with some of these great books like I have.
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