A Netflix Addiction

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When I finish a great book, it always takes me at least a week to pick up something new to read, even though my night table is stacked with books just waiting to be read. I'm the same when I watch television; once I start watching a show, I will not watch anything else and I get easily addicted to what I'm watching on Netflix. Of course, I binge watch seasons of my favourite shows like it's a completely normal thing to do. Just one more episode... just... one... more... until the next thing I know it's 3 a.m. and I have to wake up at 6 a.m. Oh, Netflix, how I love you.

My favourite show of all time is Breaking Bad, and believe it or not, it's been impossibly hard for me to get into any new shows even though I keep meaning to watch Friday Night Lights, Pretty Little Liars, and Making a Murderer. And I've got to get back to Downton Abbey. I've watched Orange Is The New Black, and another favourite show of mine is House of Cards.

And, you guys? House of Cards is coming back... and I'm ready. I think. Are you read for more Frank Underwood? Every season shocks me in the most unexpected ways. (Remember when... *shudder* and when... OMG! Right?) House of Cards is back for season four. And I'm ready for FU. Well, maybe not ready... but super excited.

I am so glad to be part of the Netflix #StreamTeam for another year. It's always fun to get special access to shows I love or that my family will love, and to be part of the great #StreamTeam.

What are you looking forward to watching this year? I know my sister is super pumped to see Fuller House, because Full House was her favourite show of all time when she was younger. It's still in her top two favourite shows of all time, tied with Friends.

And I've got access to the first six episodes of Fuller House, too. Hmm... I can let her watch but what should I get in return? Strategically thinking...

Happy Netflix viewing, friends.

Disclosure: As party of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I receive special perks and access to shows with the Netflix Canada Stream Team. All views and opinions are my own. 

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