Save Your Skin This Winter With Gold Bond Ultimate

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Winter is here, and there is nothing we can do about it. I know, it's not the most pleasant thought, considering it's only January, but here we are, so let's make the most out of it!

Despite the fact that I'm still thinking about the days of backyard BBQs, summer dresses, and flip flops, I'm now happily rocking my new ankle booties, skinny jeans, and stylish scarf. And although the transition to winter isn't always easy—especially because the harsher weather tends to dry my skin—I make sure to take extra special care of my skin, from head to toe. Because I'm a beauty product and skin-care addict, I try to find the very best moisturizers for my dry, winter skin—a moisturizer that's guaranteed to make my skin feel soft and smooth.

I have put Gold Bond® Ultimate lotions to the test for over one month, and I'm so happy to report that these lotions are incredible! Actually, Gold Bond® Ultimate lotions are the only daily body lotion made with a unique blend of seven moisturizes and three vitamins that adapt to you skin for a gentle replenishment. And perhaps given all the wonderful things in these lotions, it's why they work so well on my skin.

I moisturize twice a day—first thing when I get out of the shower in the morning, and in the evening. I"m always using Gold Bond® Ultimate on my hands throughout the day and now my hands are so soft, which is a miracle, because, well, hello winter.

Gold Bond® Ultimate is my favourite go-to skin care product, because nothing leaves my skin feeling more soft throughout the day. Soft, healthy, nourished skin? Yes, please!

Here's why I truly love Gold Bond Ultimate:

  • The lotions are non-greasy, which means I can apply and not need to worry about wiping off the lotion because of a greasy feeling. The Gold Bond® Ultimate lotions I'm using absorb quickly into my skin.
  • Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic—basically, I know what I'm wearing is good for my skin, and I can also take comfort in knowing I can gift these lotions to friends and family without worrying about their skin having an adverse reaction. Also, I can use these lotions on my children's' delicate skin, too. The Gold Bond® Ultimate Eczema Relief lotion works great for minor rashes and skin irritations, too.
  • Gold Bond® Ultimate lotions contain HYDRALAST emollients and humectants that provide moisture throughout the day for 24-hour protection.
As much as I love using Gold Bond® Ultimate, I know you'll love it just as much, too. Right now, you can sign up to receive a coupon towards any Gold Bond® Ultimate Skin Therapy lotion—so you'll understand why I'm so in love with these skin care products!

Let me know how much you love Gold Bond® Ultimate when you start using it. I love sharing news about the products I love—and the products that work exceptionally well—in delivering results my skin and body thank me for!

Disclaimer: I am part of the Chatelaine's Tasters and Testers program. I receive compensation for my affiliation, and all views and opinions are my own. 
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