Get Fit With Best Buy Canada And The Gramin vivosmart HR Fitness Tracker

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It's mid-January and hopefully, we're all on track with our resolutions. After over-indulging in December, I'm taking better care of my health—making sure I'm staying active, and eating well. I've been faithfully going to the gym because the truth is, nothing feels better than a great workout—which makes you feel—and look—great. (Also, getting ready for bikini weather and an upcoming vacation down south is great motivation to kick up your workout routine!)

There are other ways to monitor your health, too, and Best Buy Canada is the place to go to get all that you need to make sure you're staying on track with your health.

Best Buy gave me the awesome new Garmin vivosmart HR Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, and I love it, because it measures my heartbeat which helps me improve my fitness regimen. It's stylish, and easy to wear.

The vivosmart HR uses exclusive Elevate heart rate technology to measure my heartbeat directly from my wrist. It also provides information on calories burned and quantifies the intensity of my fitness activities. It also tracks floors climbed and steps walked, while monitoring progress against my goals, and assigns me goals based on my current activity. Pretty cool, right?

There are other great fitness products at Best Buy, including:

JayBird X2 Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones: A good set of headphones is essential to any workout routine, and these wireless in-ear headphones deliver great sound and are designed to keep up with vigorous workouts with secure fit ear-fins. They retail for $199.99.

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats: I love my Beats Pill and I love these Beats Dr. Dre Powerbeats Headphones. They're comfortable and designed for working out, and of course, the sound is amazing. These awesome Beats Headphones retail for $219.99, and will make you look forward to going to the gym even more than before.

iHealth Wi-Fi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer—This is the smartest scale you'll ever own! It not only measures wight, but also body fat percentage, lean mass, and body water. You can connect the scale to your home WiFi so it automatically sends measurement data to the MyVitals app on your mobile phone. It' sells for $139.99.

I love it when I have to go shopping for things that are going to help me in the long run—and Best Buy Canada has everything I need to get fit and have fun. Hey, if you have to shop, at least make it for something that's good for you, right?

Thank you Best Buy, for motivating me even more!

Disclaimer: I received product and compensation from Best Buy Canada for this post. All views and opinions are my own. 
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Brenda Penton said...

This is one of the one I am considering getting. There are so many choices out there nowadays and it is so hard to make a decision!