ALEX AND ANI: The Perfect Present To Give And Receive

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One of my favourite things about the holiday season is the last-minute shopping. As much as I plan ahead of time and get most of my shopping done for everyone on my list by the beginning of December, there is always something left to buy a day or two before Christmas, which is perfectly fine with me, because I truly do love the hustle and bustle of the holidays, especially the last-minute shopping.

I received the most adorable set of silver bracelets from ALEX AND ANI this week, and they are the perfect accessories to wear during the fun holiday season. I've already received so many compliments on the bracelets, (I especially love my new kite bracelet—it's perfect to wear no matter the season!) and I love knowing I've inspired some friends to buy some of these bracelets for people on their list, too. 'Tis the season, after all.

ALEX AND ANI have some great holiday sets to gift, which will make your holiday shopping even easier. How perfect is the Champagne Cheers Set of 3 bracelets? I love it.
ALEX AND ANI jewellery make a great gift for anyone on your list, with price points you'll love, too; you can find things that are very affordable, and you can also splurge a little, if you want, on the higher-priced items. I love the wide variety of jewellery ALEX AND ANI provides its customers, because there is always something perfect for everyone. All the pieces are thoughtfully made, high-quality, eco-conscious, and the best part is they can be personalized for whomever you're giving them to.

Thank you, ALEX AND ANI, for making my holidays that much more special!

Happy shopping and happy holidays to everyone.

Give The Gift Of Luxury With A Stay At The Hazelton Hotel

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As much as I love presents wrapped up under the Christmas tree, I prefer presents that have to do with travel—like a stay in a gorgeous luxury hotel. Sometimes, a weekend getaway is the perfect way to escape and unwind during the crazy holiday season, or in the new year, when you have more time.

Giving gifts that have to do with travel—luggage, bikinis, sunglasses, airplane tickets or a surprise stay in a gorgeous hotel in a city you love—give lasting memories that'll last forever.

I've had the great pleasure of staying at The Hazelton Hotel several times, and each time I stay there, I fall in love all over again. It's become my favourite hotel, and it's always hard to say goodbye. This luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Yorkville is all about excellent service, gorgeous, sexy rooms and suites, (62 beautifully designed rooms and 15 exceptional suites) and incredible dining options, whether you're ordering to your room or enjoying the food and ambiance at ONE Restaurant. We had the most amazing stay this past November.

Executive Chef Mark McEwan is the mastermind behind the delicious menu at ONE, and the food is simply amazing. From main dishes to desert, the options are perfect for even the pickiest foodie, and everyone will leave completely satisfied. (There is also the 24-hour in-room dining and private catering option throughout The Hazelton, too). I love the outdoor patio at ONE in the summertime, as it's the perfect place to people watch in Yorkville, but it's even more intimate and inviting inside, with its stunning décor fashioned by award-winning design group, Yabu Pushelberg. If you're just interested in drinks, ONE has a very spacious bar, too.

The location of The Hazelton Hotel is perfect for those who love to shop in the city's finest stores, and dine in the city's best restaurants and bars, but my favourite part of staying at The Hazelton Hotel isn't even the excellent location; it's enjoying my time in my room or suite—especially in the stunning bathrooms. The oversized bathtubs are the best way to relax at the end of a busy day.

I love the spa at The Hazelton Hotel, too—I've experienced many of great spas in different cities, but the service at the spa in The Hazelton is second to none. I loved the full-body scrub and I always love the relaxing pedicure and manicures offered at the spa. Booking an appointment at the spa is something you should do if you're staying at the hotel, and giving a gift certificate to the spa is a great way to treat someone you love. (Who doesn't love a luxurious massage?).

A stay at The Hazelton Hotel is always a great idea and what better time than the holiday season to give this great gift of luxury to someone you love?

Thank you, Hazelton,  for making our stay such an incredible one. I can't wait to be back soon.

Give The Gift Of A Medium Watch This Holiday Season

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If you're still looking for the perfect gift to give this holiday season, you should consider giving something unique, something designed in Canada, something practical, and something timeless—like a new watch from Medium Watch Co.

What is Medium Watch Co.?

"We are a collaboration of designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, athletes and artists that appreciate the details. We value the tools of our trade and the accessories that define us. Through careful craftsmanship and customization of the products that we choose, we are making a statement about who we are."

I recently received a gorgeous watch from Medium Watch Co. and love the sleek design and the choice of watches that are available for men and women. I had a hard time choosing which watch I wanted, but went with the black and rose gold mesh watch. It's perfect and I wear it almost every day.

I love that Medium Watch Co. is designed in Canada and customized worldwide. Medium Watch Co. focuses on clean and modern designs that are truly the perfect canvas for people who want to make a statement and stay stylish year-round. You can also get the back of your watch engraved, which is the perfect way to personalize a gift to your loved ones.

You can either order online or shop for your watch in-person at Watch It! in St. Laurent Shopping Centre, Place D'Orleans Shopping Centre, Bayshore Shopping Centre, or Rideau Centre in Ottawa.

Happy shopping!

A New Year With Netflix

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As the year comes to an end, there is so much to look forward to in the new year.  To keep things lighthearted—we've all had enough bad news with all the things going on in the world—let's talk about ways we can kick back and ring in the new year with pleasure, laughs, and excitement. Yes, I'm talking about taking the time for yourself to unwind in front of your television, and watch the new shows and movies Netflix will be showcasing this January.

Here are some of the movies and shows I'm excited to watch on Netflix, while I anxiously await another seasons of House of Cards and Strangers Things:


American Sniper: I still haven't seen American Sniper so I know what I'll be watching this in January. This movie, starring Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, and Luke Grimes, is about U.S. Navy Seal marksman Chris Kyle and his chilling story.

American Beauty: A classic, and a movie I love watching again and again. You can't go wrong watching anything starring Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening.

Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass: Alice in Wonderland adventures with a twist, starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter? Yes, please. Adding this to my must-watch list.

Big Hero 6: My family loved this adorable movie, and we can't wait to re-watch it on Netflix.

Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger: This was a great film to experience on the big screen, and now we get to watch it from the comfort of home in January.


There are so many great shows to see, like Netflix Original series Take the 10, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate EventsCoin Heist, Tarzan and Jane, Clinical, and season 4-6 of Shameless, series 22 of Top Gear, (my boys are excited about this one!)  season 6 of Shameless and season 5 of Suits—but I am most excited about the new Netflix Original Riverdale—yes, you read that right: Riverdale. A Netflix show all about everyone's favourite comic book gang, Archie, Betty and Veronica? I'm so looking forward to this one, and I know my friends are, too. It's a little darker and way more spicy than the comic books we were used to reading when we were growing up, and it sounds absolutely perfect.

What shows and movies are you most looking forward to watching on Netflix in 2017?

Disclaimer: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team. I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. All views and opinions are my own.

Keeping The Kids Entertained With Netflix This Holiday Season

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I am getting so excited for Christmas, and all the fun that comes with it—especially getting the chance to spend some quality time with my children, who will be home from school for two weeks. Actually, this year, the break goes until January 9th, meaning that although we'll be busy right up until Christmas Day, we'll definitely need to find some things to do to occupy ourselves during the long break from school, without going stir-crazy. From getting together with friends and family, to lots of play time in the great (and freezing!) outdoors, we'll be happily entertained—but I know eventually I'll hear the dreaded: "Mom... I'm bored!"

Thankfully, we're set up with Netflix, and that means countless hours of entertainment, from the warmth of our home. My boys love selecting shows and movies to watch on Netflix, and I love the great variety of programming that Netflix has for all its viewers, young and... not so young.

On December 23rd, Netflix and DreamWorks Animation Television are treating families to 13 hours of adventure and suspense with the all-new series, DreamWorks Trollhunters, from renowned director Guillermo del Toro. An exciting new show is the perfect way for the kids to unwind after a busy day, giving parents a much-needed break to catch up on reading, relaxing, or, let's face it—tidying up the house after the tornado of Christmas.

DreamWorks Trollhunters is an epic saga and before you know it, you'll be hooked, too—in a world where humans and trolls collide and an ordinary teenager is beckoned to save them both.

"We program our shows around people's lives—not advertising schedules," says Andy Yeatman, Director of Kids Content for Netflix. "We know our members are hungry for new content in the show post-holiday weeks of late December and early January, which is when our viewership peaks. So, we teamed up with DreamWorks Animation Television and acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro to launch 26 episodes—the most we've delivered of any original series at once—to give families a new story to enjoy together."

Here's some things you can look forward to when watching Trollhunters this holiday season:
  • 24 acts of bravery destined to build confidence.
  • 15 jokes adults will love that kids might not catch.
  • 32 ways to appreciate the power of friendship.
  • 14 times you might get a little choked up.
  • 39 awkward moments that'll remind you of high school.
  • 5 words that'll inspire fridge-worthy drawings.
  • 7 scenes that could potentially motivate the kids to make you a meal.
  • 46 times kids will totally get the giggles.
  • 20 gross-out moments only a kids can love.
  • 16 times your resident trouble-maker may get a new idea.
  • 21 moments that will awaken your inner hero.
  • 15 lessons kids will learn, whether they realize it or not.
DreamWorks Trollhunters will definitely keep the entire family entertained this holiday season, while tugging at the right heartstrings as everyone gathers around the couch sipping hot chocolate. Enjoy your downtime—and Netflix viewing—this holiday season!

Disclaimer: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team. I receive special perks and privileges as part of my affiliation with this group. All views and opinions are my own.

Tips On Staying Healthy During The Holiday Season

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Can you believe there is only one week left until Christmas? Yes, the holiday season is upon us, and if you're anything like me, you've been especially busy this month. So busy, you glance at the calendar in disbelief at how quickly the days are going by and a little frightened with all you have left to do before the end of the month... and year.

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it's easy to forget eating well and maintaining a healthy diet, with all the parties and cookies and festive beverages tempting you. Once you get in the habit of eating well, though (habits usually take 21 days to become a daily routine) it's easier to keep to your routine of eating well, despite the temptations around you.

If you're looking to start your day off right, and improve your overall healthy, you should consider taking psyllium fibre. Sounds scary? It's not. It's just a naturally sourced dietary fibre found in Metamucil powder, and it has a long history of use in traditional and herbal medicine. It provides multiple health benefits, like lowering cholesterol and promoting heart health.

Here are some tips from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada to help you stay healthy this holiday season:
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Choose a variety of whole and minimally processed foods at every meals.
  • Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit at every meal.
  • Choose fruits and vegetables as snacks.
  • Go with whole grains. Look for whole grain breads, barley, oats, oatmeal, quinoa, and brown rice.
  • Choose more vegetarian options like beans, lentils, and nuts. Make sure the meat you're eating is lean, and include fish at least once a week.
  • Limit your portion sizes.
  • Sip on water all day. This is an easy habit to get into.
  • Cook and eat more meals at home. This is a great way for the whole family to get into the habit of healthy eating.
  • Get creative and try some new recipes. Here are some great recipe ideas from the Heart and Stroke Foundation. (I love the stir-fry!).
  • Try to limit the number of times you eat in a restaurant each month. This can be especially hard during the holidays, so if you're going out to eat, choose restaurants that serve freshly made dishes using whole and minimally processed foods, and choose restaurants that provide nutritional information in their menus.
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Being overweight can increase your bad cholesterol level. You can get help if you need it through the Heart and Stroke Foundation website.
  • Get active. Being physically active will help improve your cholesterol levels and general heart health. Choose activities you like, whatever that may be: biking, swimming, walking, running, or taking part in classes at a gym.
  • Be smoke-free. We all know smoking is a risk factor for heart disease. Once you quit, you'll start feeling better and your good cholesterol (HDL) will start to rise.
  • Star reading nutrition labelling on the food you buy and pay attention to what a serving is.
  • Know your fats. Dietary fats and oils provide our bodies with energy and absorb fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K.
  • If you have high cholesterol, sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to lower it. Several drugs are available to lower your blood cholesterol that your doctor might prescribe to you including statins and other cholesterol lowering medicine.
Making lifestyle changes is a great way to control your health and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Just be mindful of what you eat, as what you eat has a huge impact on your overall health. By keeping active and eating well, you'll feel better and the habits will become part of your lifestyle.

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this post. All views and opinions are my own.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra: The Right Choice For Sensitive Skin

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La Roche-Posay is known for great skincare products, especially for those who suffer from dry or sensitive skin. The new Toleriane Ultra is amazing at providing extra moisture during the winter and  Toleriane Ultra Overnight works while you sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed, with glowing skin.

I was given the new Toleriane Ultra line to try and I loved the products; they instantly moisturized and soothed my skin. The soft, fresh formula (fragrance-free) restored lost moisture to my skin quickly, and I only had to use a small amount. It uses minimal ingredients, yet delivers excellent results.

The Toleriane Ultra Eye Controur cream was especially soothing for my sensitive eyes that suffer from redness, stinging, and puffiness. It targets the discomfort of the eye area with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, naturally rich in selanium, helping to relieve sensitive skin while preventing signs of aging. The eye cream is preservative-free, paraban-free, fragrance-free, and alcohol-free. The product delivers great results, leaving my skin feeling smooth and soft all day long

The Toleriane Ultra line certainly gave my skin the "moment of relief" it needed, and did a great job protecting my skin sensitivities without any harsh ingredients. The results are immediate, and long-lasting. Day after day, my skin felt less sensitive, despite the winter weather. Comfort was definitely restored.

I love that for over 30 years, La Roche-Posay has worked hard with dermatologists in Canada—and throughout the world—to create skincare products that deliver excellent results. La Roche-Posay is a leading skincare company known for products that are formulated for sensitive skin. They're actually the number one dermatologist recommended brand in Canada and they truly deliver "a better life for sensitive skin." La Roche-Posay also has great skincare products to help treat children's sensitive and dry skin, so the whole family can enjoy the benefits of this great skincare company, too.

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this post by La Roche-Posay. All views and opinions are my own.


Powering Imagination And Giving Back With Duracell This Holiday Season

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The holidays are upon us, and while we're busy decorating the house, baking cookies, and feeling festive, it's also a time to remember that there will be many who won't be celebrating the holiday season from the comfort of their home.

Every year, thousands of children and families find themselves spending the holiday season in the hospital. I know from experience—having spent time in our children's hospital with my oldest son—how important it is to keep children entertained and feeling happy while they're sick and not at home. Sometimes, something as simple as a new toy or game can help brighten a child's day while they're in the hospital, giving them the power to imagine a better tomorrow.

 Since it is the season of giving, Duracell believes in powering the imagination of sick children by helping ensure kids can still be kids, and enjoy the magic of the season despite their illness that's keeping them away from home.

For the 10th year in a row, Duracell is donating a year's supply of batteries to hospital playrooms across the country to power smiles through the holiday season—and beyond. And since it's the time of year to give, you can get involved too—for every pack of Duracell batteries you buy at Walmart in December, Duracell will donate to Children's Miracle Network.

The goal? To raise $150,000. With your purchase, you'll not only be powering your own family's holiday joy, you'll also be making a child's hospital stay a little brighter, too.

Batteries are always on the top of my list of things to buy during the holiday season. After all, waking up on Christmas morning to a house of excited kids opening new toys wouldn't be that great if there were no batteries to power up those new toys or electronics, right? Trust me, I speak from experience—it is far better to be prepared with batteries than to be without in December!

Hasbro sent my boys a little pre-holiday gift that we've powered up with our Duracell batteries—I don't mind an early gift if it means my boys will be playing together, happily, and not asking me yet again what's under the tree for them this year. They're entertained with their new Bop It! game, giving me more time to finish baking those holiday cookies without burning them. (It's such a fun game—I'm still trying to beat my oldest son's record!).

While we enjoy the wonderful things that come with the holiday season, my children know the importance of giving back in big and little ways, to those less fortunate than us; knowing that we're helping the Children's Miracle Network when we buy our Duracell batteries at Walmart makes us feel good about our purchase.

Duracell always helps make the magic of the holidays last longer, and knowing how much Duracell gives back to children who are in the hospital—making them smile while they're lost in the world of imagination during playtime—makes it easier to enjoy the good things of the season.

Disclosure: I have partnered up with Duracell for this campaign and I have received compensation for my post. All views and opinions are my own.

Netflix And Chill With Your Favourite Pairings

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I have to admit,—I never watch TV. Unless it's for sports, or the news. The only time you'll catch me getting comfortable in front of my television is when I'm watching a show I love on Netflix. (That goes for my entire family, actually).

I'm all about binge-watching, and have been known to watch episode after episode of House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things and Breaking Bad well into the wee hours of the morning. After all, it's impossible to stop after just one... or two... or three episodes, isn't it?

Here's an interesting fact about Netflix: TV and movies go better together, and after viewers finish watching a series, they'll will take a pause (usually this lasts for three days, but for it took months before I watched anything after Breaking Bad, convinced I'd never see anything as amazing again!). During the "break", more than half of Netflix members watched a movie to keep the binge feeling alive. (Yes, for real!).

For example:
  • For those who were obsessed with Gilmore Girls, the movies they chose to watch was Clueless and Mean Girls.
  • If Narcos was a viewer's obsession, Scarface was their movie choice.
  • Breaking Bad? Most re-watched Pulp Fiction.
  • For viewers who loved Suits, the movie they watched was Ocean's Twelve.
  • Loved Strangers Things? Then... Ghostbusters was the most popular movie to watch. (A little more light-hearted than Strangers Things, right?).

Here's a look at some interesting parings:

No matter what you love, you'll always find the perfect show on Netflix. And now that holiday season is upon us, we'll have more time to get cozy and Netflix and... chill.

Disclaimer: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team and receive special perks and products as part of my affiliation with this group. All views and opinions are my own.

1 comments Designer Sunglasses Giveaway


Tis' the season for shopping and finding the perfect gifts for the people on your list. I love giving people gifts that are practical and stylish, like designer sunglasses. I can't get enough of my designer shades, and I wear mine practically every day.

Sometimes, shopping for sunglasses can be an overwhelming experience, but shopping for your designer shades online at is a simple, straightforward process. Whether you're looking for Gucci, Bolle, Ray-Ban, Fendi, Boss, Valentino, Tom Ford, Michael Kors or Kate Spade, has it all. You can search by brand, and price point, and voila—you're sure to find the perfect pair for yourself... or the perfect pair to gift.

I've been lucky to partner with several times, and I'm never disappointed in the products I receive. is dedicated to providing customers with the largest range of designer sunglasses, prescription eyewear, contact lenses, and optical products at the best prices. Having had the pleasure of experiencing their services more than once, I can tell you, you'll be completely satisfied when you shop

 The only hard part will be deciding which pair of glasses to go with—I can spend hours browsing through the sunglasses and deciding on which pair to get. Each time, I tell myself to go with something a little different, but I just can't—I always stick to the classic style with black frames.

Maybe you already know what you want—so your online shopping experience might be even easier than mine! I'm giving away a pair of sunglasses from to one lucky reader just in time for the holidays. All you have to do is leave me a comment below telling me what you want for the holidays, and I'll pick a winner randomly by Wednesday, December 14th.

Good Luck!


What To See And Where To Stay In NYC During The Holiday Season

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New York City is always a good idea, but it's even more magical during the holiday season. Spending a few days in the Big Apple in November and December is a great way to celebrate the festive season, and there is so much to see and do—and most of the sightseeing is free, which is an added bonus. I was on CTV Morning Live today talking about what to do in the Big Apple this time of year.

Where to stay:

Four Seasons New York Downtown: Where you stay in NYC is important, especially if you're travelling with your family and children. Our recent stay at the brand-new Four Seasons New York Downtown was simply spectacular. Near the 9/11 memorial and One World Trade, and only a few blocks from the Brooklyn Bridge, the Four Seasons New York Downtown offers excellent in-room dining options created by chef Shaun Acosta, which we loved, because we could dine in our spacious suite, without having to worry about where to eat in NYC, allowing us more time to take in the sights and sounds of the city. I loved the indoor swimming pool, too; the kids got to swim, and I got to indulge in a massage at the spa, which was the perfect way to unwind after hours of walking around the city.

What to see:

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree: Located in Rockefeller Centre, the famous Christmas Tree is a must-see in NYC during the holiday season. the 78-foot, 10-ton Norway Spruce tree has 4500 LED lights and will be lit up until January 7th. Once the tree comes down, it gets donated to Habitat for Humanity and gets turned into lumber for home building. Of course, being in Rock Center, you're right by all the shops (my boys loved the Nintendo store) and across the street, Saks Fifth Avenue.

Window Displays on Fifth Avenue: Walking down Fifth Avenue during the holidays is magical, with all the different and very elaborate holiday store window displays. My favourite is Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor, Barneys New York, and Macy's, in Herald Square. The window displays are stunning, and it's enough to window shop without even stepping foot into any stores.

The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular: The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall  show is a must-see in NYC. The show started in 1933, and over 75 million people have watched so far—my entire family loved the show, and you'll definitely get into the festive mood. The dance numbers, the costumes, the music—you'll be blown away. Make sure to head down the street after to get a cupcake or two from Magnolia Bakery—the best cupcakes in the world, in my opinion.

School of Rock: No matter how many times you've been to NYC, Times Square is still incredible to see. While you're there, catch a show on Broadway—tickets to Hamilton are still hard to find, but you can School of Rock instead. The show is amazing, and my boys especially loved it. The children in School of Rock are not only incredible actors, singers, and dancers, they also all play their own instruments, too.

Bryant Park Winter Village: A few blocks from Rock Center, head to Bryant Park for free ice skating and shop at over 125 holiday shops and eateries.

Central Park: A visit to Central Park is a great idea, no matter the season. Bring your skates and skate around the rink in Central Park. Later, go to Serendipity 3 for their famous frozen hot chocolate.

There is so much to do in NYC during the holiday season, and no matter what you do or what you see, you'll love it. It's become an annual tradition for my family, and we can't wait to be back next year.

Happy travels!

Luxury In New York City, Four Seasons Style

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There is nothing more magical than spending the holiday season in the city that never sleeps. A trip to New York City is always a great idea, but when you travel to New York City in November and December, it's even more incredible. Although I've been a dozen times, it's never enough, and I start planning my next trip while I'm still there. Walking down Fifth Avenue to check out the beautifully decorated store window displays and skating at Rockefeller Center while looking up at the famous Christmas tree makes a trip to New York City during the festive season a must for those who to love to travel.

Where you stay in New York City is important, and can make the trip even more memorable. I had the great pleasure of staying in the luxurious, brand-new Four Seasons New York Downtown in November with my family, and it was absolutely delightful. It's exactly what you'd expect a stay at the Four Seasons to be; incredible service, luxurious rooms, (we didn't want to leave the Hudson Suite!) and in-room dining that can't be beat. Plus, a world-class spa, a 24-hour gym, and a state-of-art-lap pool with stunning views of the city. It's truly a vacation on its own, blocks away from the Brooklyn Bridge, close to Wall Street and the World Trade Centre, and next to the new Oculus. If you love Soho and the Meatpacking District, you're in the right area. A short subway or taxi ride will get you into Midtown Manhattan in minutes, too.

We checked into the Four Seasons and instantly fell in love with the spacious Hudson Suite. The bottle of champagne and chocolate cake waiting for us in our suite was the perfect treat to receive after our travels to New York City.

The rooms in Four Seasons New York Downtown have incredible views of the city. Our Hudson Suite was extremely spacious, with a large entrance-way, unique artwork adoring the walls, a guest bathroom with shower, and a private bedroom with a stunning, large master bathroom, complete with deep soaking tub, handheld shower faucet, separate glass-enclosed shower, and an in-mirror TV to enjoy while you're relaxing in the tub. (Yes, there were two separate bathrooms in our suite). After hours of walking the streets of New York, there is no better way to unwind. The large closet (a room in itself) gave us the space we needed for our luggage, carry-on bags, and coats.

The dining room in the main part of our suite was perfect for our family, and we enjoyed many of our meals here. Situated in the living room area with views of the city surrounding us made our in-room dining experience that much more incredible. The free-standing pantry and refrigerated private bar was a pretty sight, too, and I loved the stylish work area complete with charging stations and huge windows offering a stunning view of the city. Imagine working here every day? A dream come true.

In New York City, dining options are endless, and sometimes stressful; the beauty of staying at Four Seasons New York Downtown is that you can you enjoy incredible food in the comfort of your room, giving you more time to explore the city and less time worrying about where you're going to eat. When you're travelling with children, the choice of healthy in-room dining is a nice treat to consider. Four Seasons executive chef Shaun Acosta is the master chef behind the incredible in-room dining experience. I loved that we could order from the menu 24-hours a day and experience the menu in the comfort of our suite. CUT by Wolfgang Puck is considered one of the finest restaurants and bars in downtown NYC, and quite the hot spot; another great place to dine when you're staying at Four Seasons New York downtown.

The breakfast was delicious; organic eggs, thick, cooked-to-perfection bacon, breakfast potatoes, fresh bread and jams, fresh baked muffins, Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola... you get the picture. But if you don't, this picture should help you understand:

It was the perfect meal to start our day, and one that kept us going for hours. We also enjoyed lunch in our room; fresh salad, delicious sandwiches, even New York style hot dogs. While I normally dine out when I'm in New York City, I had no complaints about eating in this time, because the food was really so good, and so convenient.

A special treat in our room after my spa experience (while the boys swam) was milk and homemade donuts by the chef for my boys, and a bottle of wine, cheese, and bread for us to enjoy

The pool and spa at Four Seasons New York Downtown is also something you need to experience. Again, the service was excellent, the pool was relaxing and beautiful, and the massage was pure bliss. When you spend the day sightseeing, it's such a nice treat to come back to your hotel to relax in the spa.

Everything about our stay at the new Four Seasons New York Downtown was perfection, from the service to the food to the spa and especially the comfortable, spacious rooms.

Thank you for everything, Four Seasons. You truly made our trip to New York City wonderful, and I can't wait to come back soon.
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