Surviving The Holidays With P&G

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Happy December!

We are officially in countdown mode for the holidays, and the craziness of the season has begun.

As you're getting ready for the festive season, it's important to keep your house stocked with the must-have essentials: wine (of course) cookies (of course) and... household items that will ensure you have a stress-free holiday!

I was on CTV Ottawa Morning Live today, talking about how to get through the holidays without any stress. Here's my segment! 

Okay, so what do you need? 

Here's my list of holiday essentials from P&G:

Bounty: Bounty is the number one product I use daily. I use almost an entire roll a day in my kitchen, for drying fruit and veggies, wiping down my counters, drying dishes, and so much more. 

Cascade with Dawn: This dishwasher soap smells great, and it works really well to help keep dishes sparkling and clean. Just toss one in your dishwasher, and you're ready to go! (No rinsing plate required, even.)

Swiffer sweeper: I love my Swiffer, because I use it like three times a day, since the kitchen area so frequently gets dirty with food. And the Swiffer is great to use when you're entertaining in the home, too, because it's so quiet, and you can get the job done without making the guests think it's time for them to go home.

Febreze Unstopables spray fabric refresher: This is a perfect spray to freshen up the house before guests arrive, if you've been cooking all day, and it's a great spray to keep handy in the car, too.

Unstopables Febreze candles: These candles come in festive colours, will help your home smell yummy, and will make the room glowy... just perfect for a holiday dinner.

Meta Fibre Bars: As you're shopping till you drop in the weeks leading up to Christmas, you should makes sure you're not starving! You need energy, so keep a few of these healthy fibre bars in your purse for a snack. 

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: The Magic Eraser is my ultimate favourite invention. What did we do without it? It works great on everything, from kitchen cabinets to baseboards, in the sink, around the fireplace, and on your bathroom countertops. It even removes hard water stains, crayons, and... get this—permanent marker. I kid you not. My son wrote with Shaprie on his closet walls and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser erased it all. Just like magic. 

Duracell batteries: Do not—I repeat—do not leave the mall without batteries! I think batteries are the number one holiday must-have item. If you're a parent, you know the holidays will not go smoothly if you're not stocked up on batteries. Imagine having to deal with an uncharged camera Christmas morning, or toys that require batteries? Trust me, avoid holiday meltdowns by keeping your house stocked with batteries in all sizes. (Also, Duracell Quantum batteries will be donating to the Children's Miracle Network the entire month of December, so win-win.)

A welcome basket for out of town guest: 

I love putting together little welcome baskets over the holidays for visitors and out of town guests. I always include:

Crest toothpaste
Pantene Dry Defy shampoo and conditioner
Pantene hair beauty balm
Pantene hair spray
Olay body wash
A new Oral-B toothbrush (You can totally impress your guests, too, with the new Oral B Bluetooth toothbrush—it's so high-tech and works brilliantly to help you have a perfect, healthy smile and clean teeth.)

Good Luck getting through the holidays, friends!

You've got this. 

Disclaimer: I am a P&G Media Mom. I receive compensation for my affiliation with this group, and I receive product and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own. 

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jed said...

thats a nice basket of stuff...I see that oralB has come down in price and some are down to $25 at the walmarts...wonder if that means they have new ones coming out?