More Celebrating, Less Laundry With LG (Plus: WIN The New LG Twin Wash!)

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Sometimes, it amazes me how much I get done before 9 a.m. Before having kids morning was a pretty standard routine: wake up, get ready for school or work, and get out the door.

Now? It's wake up, get ready for the day with one million interruptions, make breakfast for everyone, pack lunches, make sure school bags are ready to go, help the children get dressed, clean the house, do a load or two of laundry, clean the house, prepare dinner, and start working after I drop the children off at school... all while enjoying a cup of not so hot coffee, because it's not until the second cup of the day that I can sit down and exhale. It's a whirlwind for sure, but I'm used to it, and I love it, even though some days can be hectic.

It's a given that when you're a mom, you're multitasking every day.  I know I am. A multitasking mom gets more done in a day than is humanly possible, with little to no complaining. (Who has time for that?)

It's important to stay organized and on top of things. I keep a detailed calendar by the fridge so we all know what's going on. I also keep track of daily events on my phone, and have an organized desk area. We try to stick to routine during the week, which makes things easier.

No matter how organized I am, though, the one thing I can never stay on top of is the laundry. Oh, yes... you feel me, don't you? The never. ending. loads. of. laundry. Amazingly, I only have two children, but they fill their hamper almost daily.

You know what would make life so much easier? If I got LG's new Twin Wash—you guys, it's the ultimate multi-tasker. Imagine, for the first time ever, cutting back on the time we spend doing laundry so we have more time to do things that really matter?

The LG TWIN Wash is simply gorgeous.

The innovative LG TWIN Wash is all about efficiency. This new washing machine lets you get your laundry loads cleaner in less time. How? The innovative TWIN Wash laundry system does two separate loads of laundry at once. Isn't this amazing news?

You can do a big load in the front-loading washer up top, while the smaller LG SideKick unit washes a second, smaller load down below—at the same time.

It's the most convenient machine, saves time, and helps you get on with your day quicker. Pretty genius.

Right now, you can enter to win the ultimate multitasking machine—just head over here for your chance to win.

I'd love the efficient LG Twin Wash. (Santa, do you hear me?) I do so much laundry and I know this will help me get through my loads much quicker—so I can get back to doing the things I love, like spending time with my family.

Good Luck, everyone! Wouldn't this machine be the ultimate gift for Christmas?

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