Join Us For A #PCPointer Twitter Party Wednesday Night And Win!

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It's December, and holiday preparations are in full swing. Right now, I'm busy getting ready for the festive season and all the holiday parties by shopping for the perfect gifts for my family and friends. I'm also getting excited thinking about all the delicious food we'll be enjoying around the table at Christmas. (I'm being extremely careful right now so I can indulge over the holidays without feeling guilty!)

I love this time of year and all the holiday traditions that have come to mean so much to me—decorating the house and the tree with my children while listening to Christmas music, watching our favourite holiday movies (like Elf and Home Alone) and taking walks after dinner to look at all the festive lights in our neighbourhood.

December is one of my favourite months, and it's also the busiest shopping month—and even though I love to shop, (a lot!) things can get very expensive if I'm not careful. This year I'm determined to stick to a budget and plan ahead before I start shopping.

No matter how you're celebrating this holiday season, I'd love for you to join me, @MrsLoulou, and host @KathyBuckworth tomorrow night at 8 PM for a fun Twitter party with @PCFinancial

We'll be talking about getting ready for the holidays, and, most importantly, saving money for the holidays. We'll talk about how you can make the most of your holiday budget by trimming all that unwanted financial fat, and give you some pointers like planning ahead and writing a list before you head out the door to shop.

Did I mention the fabulous prizes you can win? You can win 1 of 7 PC Gift Cards just for joining in on the fun! 

You are not going to want to miss this fun, festive party—come chat with us about your favourite holiday traditions, and how you can save this holiday season with expert tips from Kathy Buckworth and @PCFinancial.

It's a little holiday party to get you in the mood this season, and you'll leave with some great advice. Maybe you'll even win 1 of 7 PC Gift Cards to help make your holiday shopping even easier...

Make sure to join in using the hashtag #PCPointer.

See you Wednesday night, 8-9 PM on Twitter!

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