In The Kitchen With PAM

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It's no secret—I don't love cooking or baking... but my family and I need to eat, so guess what that means? I have to cook and bake. Sigh. Here's something you may not know, though—sometimes, I  enjoy it. Unless things go terribly wrong, like when I burn our food, (ahem, often) or ruin muffins that get stuck in the muffin tin. I run away from recipes that sound too confusing, but I like to challenge myself, too, and I have a handful of recipes I have perfected.

When I was asked to put the PAM No Residue spray to the test in the kitchen, I said yes right away because like I said, I'm always up for a challenge!

I used PAM and another brand to see which product would work best—and leave no residue—when cooking my scrambled eggs in the morning, and when I baked cupcakes for my boys. Guess what? Hands down, PAM won. We've always been big fans of PAM in this house, and PAM is pretty much the only cooking oil spray I've ever used in the kitchen. It was cool to put the other brand to the test, too, to see just how great PAM really is when compared to another product.

No Residue results? Absolutely.

Also, the fact that I can use PAM and know that my food and baked goods will come out delicious, without any damage, (like sad broken cupcakes) makes me a happy baker.

Happy baking, everyone. Next time you're grocery shopping, make sure to add PAM to your shopping cart—you're welcome!

I am participating in the PAM No Residue blog comparison program with EnCompass Media. I've received payment as a thank you for participating and sharing my honest opinion. 

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