How To Wrap The Perfect Holiday Present (With Video!)

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It's time to get ready for the holidays! I love celebrating all things festive—decorating the house, baking cookies with my boys, (even though I'm terrible at it) attending and hosting parties, shopping for the perfect gift for everyone on my list, and wrapping the presents.

Yes, I absolutely love wrapping presents. I spent many hours working as a gift wrapper in the mall when I was in university, and I've loved gift wrapping ever since. You can definitely get creative with wrapping. I love using different textures and types of wrapping paper, and I always use ribbon to make a pretty bow, finishing off with something special, like a personalized ornament or homemade gift tag.

Here's my gift wrapping segment I did on CTV Ottawa Morning Live, showing you how you can become an expert gift wrapper, too. (This video is not new, but all the tips and tricks I share in the segment are as good as new!)

It's not hard, I promise.

Here are some other gift wrapping tips:

1. Get creative with your wrapping. If you know someone who loves to travel, wrap their gift in a map of the world, or their favourite city with a big red ribbon. You can top the gift off with a small Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty ornament, and voila—you've got a creative and thoughtful gift for your travel-loving friend! I usually buy all my gift wrap, boxes, ribbons and bows from HomeSense or Michael's.

2. Stock up. No, I'm not taking about stocking up on wine and bubbly, although that's a great idea this time of year. I'm talking about stocking up on gift wrapping supplies! Before you start wrapping, make sure you've got everything you need—scissors, scotch tape, and an assortment of wrapping paper, ribbon, and name tags.

3. Make one of a kind tags. You can make your own gift tags but using old holiday cards. I also love using small ornaments as personalized gift tags, too—the possibilities are endless!

4. Make the bows. Bows are easier to make than you think. Simply tie the ribbon as you would a shoelace, and use fresh greens or other ornaments to "dress up" the gift. It doesn't have to be complicated.

To get in the mood, once you've got your table and gifts ready to be wrapped, put on some holiday music, pour yourself a glass of wine, and remember—it's the thought that counts, so have some fun, and get wrapping! 

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