The Easiest Way To Shop: Click And Collect At Loblaws

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I love grocery shopping—truly, I do—but sometimes it can be a hassle to get out of the car and into the store to stock up on all the items I need to feed my family, like during a torrential downpour after a fresh blow-dry, or when it's snowing and -35C outside, or when I am with my tired, grumpy children.

When my children were much younger, grocery shopping was timed around naps, and even when my children were awake, sometimes trips to the grocery store were headache inducing. (Only sometimes; most of the time my boys were perfectly well-behaved!)

I love online shopping and anything that save me time. When Loblaws asked me if I wanted to try out the new Click and Collect grocery service, I quickly said yes and started writing out my grocery list.

List in hand, I went online to and selected the location I would be picking up my groceries from, and then I proceeded to select all the items I need.

Milk, check.
Eggs, check.
Cheese, check.
Bagels, check.
Steak, check.
Strawberries, check.
Orange juice, check.

And of course, beauty essentials like shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, and sunscreen were easily added to my online shopping cart.

The entire process of selecting the items I needed was super easy, because  allows you to search for specific items, and also suggests things you may need, or items you might have forgotten about that you need. It only took a few minutes to place my order and select my pick-up time. I drove to my Loblaws location, called the number in front of me, and waited in my car for a minute before my groceries were brought to me.

Imagine the kids are back in school (I know, right? Such a happy thought!) and you're busy working all day. You don't have time to stop what you're doing to get the groceries you need for dinner, and you don't want to drag the kids to the grocery store with you after you pick them up from school. You can swing by Loblaws after you place your online order, and a Loblaws employee will bring your bags to you.

I tried this service today, and went to the Loblaws location closest to my house for my pick-up (there are currently three locations in Ottawa) and it was super easy. You'll see marked parking spots for Click and Collect customers, and once you call the number in front of you, ta-da—your groceries will appear, thanks to friendly Loblaws employees. They'll even help you get the bags in your car, if you require assistance.

The only thing you have to do is put the groceries away when you get home.

Click and Collect is easy to use and very convenient for those of us who are busy—and who isn't busy, right? Click and Collect is my new favourite way to get my grocery shopping done. Thank you, Loblaws, for this wonderful opportunity and for making my life a whole lot easier!

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