Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Endy

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Sleep... it's a beautiful thing, even though I don't get more than five hours of sleep a night. My lack of sleep started when I had my first child. Having a baby will do that to you, I suppose, but most people get back to a regular sleep routine within their baby's first year.

I don't know why that never happened to me, because there are many benefits to getting more than five hours of shut-eye a night. We all need our beauty sleep, after all, and you know what helps with that? A peaceful bedroom (think neutral colours, dim lighting, comfortable bedding) no electronics right before bed, (hide that iPhone!) and a quality mattress.

Here's where Endy Sleep comes in—Endy Sleep makes beautiful, affordable (we're talking under $1000 for a King size mattress) and comfortable high-quality mattresses that get delivered to your front door.

I love shopping, you guys, but mattress shopping in a store? Not my cup of tea. With Endy Sleep you can choose your mattress online, and it gets delivered to you in a box. It's seriously the coolest thing ever.

And no matter how you sleep—on your back, on your side, on your stomach—Endy has designed and manufactured high-quality foam mattresses for every sleeping position, so you'll find your perfectly comfortable sleep position in an instant. Endy mattresses have been designed with every detail in mind.

Endy also offers a 100 night risk-free trial, so don't worry if you don't love it; you can easily return your mattress, no questions asked. (Endy Sleep will even pick it up from your home.) But trust me; you won't need to worry about returning your new mattress because you'll instantly fall in love and sleep will become your favourite thing again.

Endy mattresses are made in Canada, using top-quality North American materials. Endy is also made from safe materials and and compression packed, and rolled into a box no larger than a set of golf clubs. I love that Endy provides a 100-night risk-free trial and a ten-year warranty with easy returns. Endy Sleep is truly the future of mattress buying.

Something else I love about Endy Sleep? They spread the love. Endy is partnered with Nothing But Nets, a campaign dedicated to fighting the spread of malaria in Africa. With every mattress delivered, they donate a bednet to help the cause.

I love everything about Endy Sleep—especially because the mattresses help people like me get a good night of sleep. Now, time my beauty rest... zzz.

Thank you Endy Sleep!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Endy Sleep. All views and opinions are my own.
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