Capital Camps: Ottawa's Best Choice For Summer Camp

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Are you singing along with me? School's out for the summer... almost. And we're all excited! Well, mostly all excited. The kids are excited. Parents? Well, we're excited, too. After all, we love spending time with our children, right? And we don't have to pack lunches every day! But, most of us still have to work during the summer months, and summer is long. (Not as long as never ending winter, but long.)

We're always looking for ways to keep our children busy, having fun, and staying active. Of course, most parents will sign up their children for summer camp, but with so many camps to choose from, selecting one that is perfect for your child is a daunting task.

My boys have been taking tennis lessons through Capital Camps for a couple of years, and when I found out that they also offer a variety of Summer Camps, I got so excited. After all, I know they'll have a good time, because they love it during the year—and summer camp is even more fun than the regular program!

Capital Camps has been running in the Orleans area for over 14 years, and I love their stellar reputation.
They promote safety as number one, and have a ratio of one instructor to every eight campers. 
They're huge on making sure everyone feels included, and they make sure everyone is participating so every camper has a chance to excel.
And, of course, their camps are... SO MUCH FUN!
Fun is a very critical aspect of Capital Camps and my boys can attest to that—it is a lot of fun, they are playing in a safe environment, and they always feel included, no matter their level or experience.  I love the solid reputation Capital Camps has earned throughout the years.
My boys are signed up for Full Day Tennis Camp and not only will they be playing hours of tennis each day, they'll also take part in other fun activities, too, like basketball, soccer, capture the flag, swimming, dodgeball, and so much more.
Oh, and free BBQ lunches every day... and a pizza day on Friday! Don't you want to go back to camp, too? I know I do.
Other camps available through Capital Camps include:
Half-Day Tennis Camp
Dance and Drama Camp
Multi-Sport Camp
Arts Camp
Cheerleading Camp
Flag Football Camp

You can register your child online, or call 613-276-4307 for more informaiton. You can also email Aaron at, and he'll be happy to answer your questions, too. (You can also drop off your child before work, and pick them up after 5, too.)
Isn't summer the best? Especially when your children are in a camp you know they'll love!


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