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I spent the last two days in beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio, thanks to P&G. I had the chance to learn all about Tide HE Turbo technology at P&G's Research and Development Headquarters.

But first, Cincinnati... not a city that was on my personal bucket list, but one that I am very glad I got to see and experience. I left with many happy memories and I can't wait to visit again. The city is charming and beautiful, with great history and a cool vibe. It's also very clean, which I loved. The people were super friendly, and the hotel I stayed at—21C Museum Hotel—was amazing. It was modern and hip and had a great roof top bar with fantastic city views. And very comfortable beds.

I flew to Chicago and from there, landed in Kentucky, which is actually where the Ohio airport is located. (I did not know that... I thought I got on the wrong plane and ended up in the wrong State!) Now I can say I was in three States in one day.  Anyway, Kentucky, from what I saw of it, was charming and lovely and now I want to move there... in a pretty little farm house with lots of beautiful, lush green trees on my property, and, of course, the classic white picket fence.

21C Museum Hotel had a giant yellow penguin greeting me in front of my hotel room. This really helped me not get lost going back to my room. (Thanks, yellow penguin!)

The view from the roof top bar of the 21C Museum Hotel were lovely, too. (Hello, Macy's!)

The city was just lovely.

And this is the bridge I was dying to drive over... and had the chance to as I was leaving the city. I only wish I had taken a better picture, but it was an overcast afternoon.

Okay, enough about awesome Cincinnati. The picture below is why I was brought to Ohio! This is the Resesarch and Development building for P&G and Tide. How cool to step inside... and learn all that I did. I truly can't wait for the chance to go back to see more. To actually be employed by P&G would be a very neat thing, too. Seriously, my entire life I've been devoted to P&G products (Crest, Olay, Cover Girl, Pantene, Pampers, Tide, and the list goes on...) so to be a P&G Mom, it's a very special thing indeed.

Touring this building and seeing and meeting so many researchers and scientists who work hard every day to give us the products we've come to know and trust was a very special treat.

I was blown away seeing all the work that goes into developing a new product, like Tide HE Turbo. I think it was equally impressive that I met the team behind the new Tide HE Turbo products, too. Needless to say, everyone at headquarters looked clean because they are the experts when it comes to cleaning clothes. And they do tons of laundry as part of their research. It smelled so very fresh in the entire building! We were shown a few great presentations and some cool experiments that got us thinking about laundry in a new way.

High-efficiency washing machines are becoming the norm in Canada. (Almost half of Canadians own an HE washing machine.) HE washing machines are incredibly advanced, but many HE washing machine owners are still looking for improved laundry performance, because most of the time, they are not using the right product or the right amount to do the job. To get the best results, consumers need to use the right amount of detergent, and use detergents specifically designed for HE washers.

Not all detergents are created equal; many other brands say they are for HE washers but have actually not changed the formula of the detergent. HE Turbo is a new standard for laundry detergents that uses smart suds technology, and attacks dried-on stains better than before. It's the number one recommended detergent by washing machine manufacturers, too. Also, it's safe for all washing machines. I love that it uses far less suds than before, thanks to the new Smart Suds technology. The suds disappear almost immediately. This means that less water is being used, which is very important. Also very important? You're getting incredibly clean clothes, even on a quick cycle, because of the fast-activating ingredients... yay!

We even got to put on the white P&G lab coats to take part in a science experiment, too. It was so cool. Here's where you can see the difference:

The suds in the new Tide Turbo HE were instantly gone. It was so cool to see. We learned a lot, and had so much fun. Thank you for the most interesting and informative day, Tide and P&G!

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Deborah Coombs said...

What a great experience! I swear by Tide and am excited to try out the HE Turbo in my new HE machine :)