Smile–it's your best accessory!

When I was a teenager, I had to get braces because I had crooked teeth. I loved having braces and they never bothered me; after all, I knew it would result in a beautiful smile. Oral health care is a big deal in our household, and I make sure my children are going to the dentist at least once a year—regular appointments are the best way to prevent any dental and oral problems, after all, and it's nice to see my boys learn from an early age the importance of taking care of their teeth with daily brushing and flossing. By visiting your Ontario dentist and taking other proactive measures, you can skip the costly and painful treatments that can result from neglect.

It's the strangest thing, actually—my boys LOVE going to the dentist! They are so well behaved, and they actually enjoy the thorough cleaning they receive. Of course, leaving with a new tooth brush and a small toy is always a bonus, too, and these regular visits to the dentist reminds them of the importance of regular brushing at home.

Thanks to the Ontario Dental Association, you can learn about your dental care options and find a dentist near you, online. (I know it can be hard to find a good dentist!) Often, we put off visiting the dentist because we are so busy doing other things, but going to the dentist should become as regular a thing to do as going for your annual check-up at the doctor. (Which you're also doing, right?) It can be overwhelming to find a dentist that can look after your family, so you can click here to find one in your area. Being proactive leads to good oral health and if you're taking care of your teeth, your children are learning the importance of good dental care from a young age, too.

Here are some great tips to help you get a great smile and a healthy mouth!

  • Brush your teeth for two to three minutes at least twice a day. This, of course, leaves you with a gorgeous clean mouth and also prevents tooth decay and gum disease. 
  • Eat a well balanced diet that includes grains, fruits, veggies, and meats. It's all about balance and eating well. 
  • Visit your dentist on a regular basis.
  • Wear a mouth guard if you're playing certain sports.
And remember... smile! It's your best accessory. 

Disclaimer: Although this post has been generously sponsored by the Ontario Dental Association, the opinions and language are my own, and in ny way do they reflect the Ontario Dental Association. 
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Corey Feldman said...

Smiling makes most things better. I don't mind the dentist but he's my dad.

Busymothers World said...

Totally agree with you!