Oscars 2015: Best Dressed

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The Oscars are my Super Bowl, and tonight I started getting ready at the crack of dawn. Actually, that's not entirely true. I was up at the crack of dawn, but I wasn't getting Oscar-ready. I love watching the Oscars at home, with tissues by my side, since I always shed tears for the winners. (I also shed a tear because I wish I was at the Oscars, too, in a gorgeous designer gown, walking the red carpet and quickly doing an outfit change in my hotel room for the after-parties. I mean! How much fun would that be?)

The best part of the Oscars, of course, are the gorgeous gowns everyone is wearing. Who wore what best is almost more important than who took home the Oscar.

Here are the gowns I LOVED at the 2015 Oscars:

Nicole Kidman. She sparkled. I loved her dress, her hair, her everything. To me, she is always perfection. And she was stunning.

Julianne Moore. I always, always love Julianne Moore. I think she's an amazing actress and she's flawless on the red carpet. Just look at her Chanel dress! Stunning.

Reese Witherspoon. I adore her and I loved her in Wild. Wild was the best book I read in 2014, and the movie was incredible. Even though Reese wasn't wearing my favourite gown at the Oscars, she still looked great.

Jennifer Aniston. I love that she stepped away from black for the Oscars! Her dress is absolutely amazing. So sexy. And her dress was the perfect colour to match her skin tone and hair.

Gwyneth Paltrow. Is Gwyneth Paltrow wrong about everything? Uh, definitely not when it comes to what to wear to the Oscars. I loved her dress. I  think Gwyneth was wearing one of the prettiest and most feminine dresses of the night. She looked stunning in pink, and that rose! Love it.

Margot Robbie. Wow. Her dress, her lipstick, her hair, her statement necklace. Love this entire look. Her accent is pretty sexy, too.

Sienna Miller. Sienna is always stylish, and beautiful, and tonight her black dress was absolutely gorgeous.

Jennifer Lopez: Her dress was amazing and so pretty—and so was her makeup, and her hair, and her golden tan.

Who do you think looked amazing at the Oscars?

Congratulations to all the winners! (I still need to see Birdman, Boyhood—if I ever find the courage, since I know I'll cry the entire movie—The Theory of Everything, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.)

Images from People.com
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A Labour of Life said...

I love your choices, it is funny how real people love the dresses that the critics hate.