Onward, 2015.

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Christmas has come and gone, for another year. It was truly wonderful—we celebrated every day, with friends and family, and made new memories. The holiday season is my favourite because of all the great times we experience together, and it always warms my heart to see my boys so happy. We are all partied out, and I am totally in detox right now from all the food and drink consumption. (But the holidays are never a time to worry about that, right?)

We all made it past midnight on New Year's Eve as we counted down to 2015 with the entire family at the Greek dance, as we always do, and now, looking onward to 2015, there is so much I want to accomplish. I don't like to make New Year's resolutions, but rather, goals to try to achieve.

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope your 2014 was wonderful, and here's to an even more wonderful 2015. May all your dreams come true.
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