Nordstrom Is Hiring—Plus, Get Your Tickets To the Nordstrom Gala Now!

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You all know how much I love to shop—and if there was a way for me to shop for a living, well, that would be my full-time job. Since I don't yet make my living as a "professional shopper" I have managed to keep shopping an active part of my life by working as a shopping blogger and expert, and as a Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson for brands and stores I love to shop at and do business with. Next best thing, right?

As you also know, Nordstrom (my favourite store EVER) if finally opening in Rideau Centre this coming March. I am beyond excited for this, because Nordstrom is my go-to department store whenever I'm traveling in the United States. (Special shout-out to the amazing staff at Nordstrom in Aventura Mall!)

I think having a job in Nordstrom would actually be a dream come true, because I'd be spending time in my favourite store, doing what I love—helping people find things they need and want—and getting paid for it. Not a bad gig, right? Well, if you're interested in working at Nordstrom Ottawa, you're in luck, because they're hiring!

I attended the pre-gala Nordstrom celebrate last night, and it was great to see many familiar faces and meet some great people from Nordstrom. I am so excited for the Nordstrom Gala that will be taking place on March 4th, a couple of days before Nordstrom opens to the public.

A gala night in Nordstrom... perfection! There will be a dinner, dessert, live entertainment, a fashion show, and shopping, of course. Shopping in an evening gown while sipping champagne... perfect night!

Tickets to Ottawa's Nordstrom Gala are now on sale, and oh my gosh, you guys—they're selling fast. You better get your ticket before it's too late.

The best part? The $100 ticket gives back in a huge way. 100% of ticket sales are going to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and to United Way, split 50/50. A glamorous night out as you help these two amazing organizations—can't think of a more worthwhile way to spend an evening!

See you at the Nordstrom Gala!

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