From Minecraft to Fashion Plates: The Best Gifts For The Kids This Holiday Season

What's number one on your child's holiday wish-list? For my nine year old, anything Minecraft; for my six year old, anything LEGO. Mix it up with some science sets, crafts, and books, and holiday shopping will be a breeze this year—more time for you to enjoy your holiday beverage as you snuggle up by the fireplace!

Here are some cool gifts kids will love to unwrap this holiday season, making you the BEST PARENT EVER.

Minecraft Creeper Backpack:  My son has been asking for a Minecraft backpack since before school started this year; I haven't been able to find one until now. (Thanks for sharing this, Cool Mom Picks!)

Bonus: Minecraft Wrapping Paper! I think wrapping up my oldest son's gift in this paper will be totally cool, right?

Minecraft plush toys: My boy (of course) has most of these, and I love adding to his collection. These are great for stocking stuffers, too and perfect to give as gifts.

Minecraft hoodie: is my go-to place to purchase all Minecraft items that I sometimes can't find in stores, and this hoodie is perfect for my big boy. We're always happy with our online purchases from Jinx, and they have a huge selection of Minecraft everything, from shirts to posters to stickers—everything your little Minecraft fan could ask for.

Minecraft t-shirt: My son has a poster of the elements on his closet; his love for science is great, even greater than his love for Minecraft. This Minecraft elements shirt is absolutely perfect for my little man!

Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection: What a great addition to your child's library! I love that these book come in a nice set now, too.

LEGO Minecraft The Cave: There are quite a few great Minecraft LEGO sets, which I love, because it's combining two things my boys love into one great gift. This one is new, and just the perfect gift to give.

LEGO City:  My six year old (like most six year olds, I guess!) has an impressive LEGO collection his room—and he keep running out of shelf room. He loves everything LEGO Batman, Ninjago, and Chima, and he's asked for a few pieces from LEGO City for Christmas, like this Arctic Icebreaker.

Snap Circuits: Snap Circuits are fun, and keep the kids busy for a very long time. There are several different kinds of Snap Circuits, and they are easy to build. "Using the hand-crank dynamo, solar panel, and wind turbine, kid will light up an LED, power a clock, charge a rechargeable battery, run a small radio, measure the energy created on an analog meter, and much more!" I also love that parts are compatible with other Snap Circuits sets.

Baby Grand Piano: If your child loves music, why not get this beautiful piano from Tag Along Toys? I love it!

Fashion Plates: Oh my God, you guys! Fashion Plates are back! Forget the kids... this is on MY want-list this holiday season. Hours of fun... do you remember?

What are your children asking for this year?

And what's on your wish list? I'll be writing my wish-list soon... included on that list? A hot, sunny, beach getaway...

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Mmm... is for Mommy said...

OMG Fashion Plates!!!! DD would prefer all of the Minecraft items but so help me God, I'm getting those Fashion Plates!

Loukia said...

Awesome! Happy shopping. :)