Weather The Winter With Tana (And Win a Shoe Shopping Spree!)

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Many things make me happy: snuggles with my children, vacations to warm destinations where I'm lounging on a beach with a drink in hand, rainy afternoons where I'm lost in a good novel, dinners and wine with friends, and shoe shopping. Yes, shoe shopping always makes me happy, no matter the season—spring, summer, fall or winter—because no matter the season, there is always something just so perfect that I must shop for.

Even though we're enjoying the crisp days of fall, winter is literally just around the corner, and if I'm not dressed warm, I'm pretty miserable being outside. I also get really sad when I'm wearing a favourite pair of boots and they get destroyed because of the salt and snow... all because I didn't properly protect them. And trust me, I've ruined quite a few pairs of boots over the years.

Living in a city that has such harsh winters, I have learned my lesson—if I'm going to wear boots I love outside during the winter months, I have to protect them. I want my shoes to be ready for the weather, too—so they don't get damaged and so I can wear them year after year.

I spoke to a Tana Shoe Care Expert at one of my favourite shoes stores recently when I went to pick up a new pair of winter boots, and I learned a few things about taking care of my new boots so they'll last the entire season—and years to come, too. It's simple really—purchase the Tana shoe protector you need for your boots, and take the time to get your favourite booties winter weather-ready.

Clean, Polish, Shine and Protect

Tana All Protector is perfect to use on all types of shoes and boots because it creates an invisible shield that protects against all the elements and prevents dirt from setting to make cleaning easier. Perfect for Canadian winters! Just spray on your boots, and let dry.

I love the Tana Suede and Nubuck Cleaner—it really works to remove stains and spots so I can wear last year's boots again this year—because they look like new again. And the entire process takes no time at all.

I also love the Self Shine Cream because it's easy to use and makes my favourite shoes look brand new again. It helps keep the leather soft, too, while keeping them protected. Total bonus.

Also a total bonus?

How about winning a $500 shoe shopping spree? Can you imagine what you can buy with $500 in shoes? A lot of shoes. And boots. 

Join us for a fun Twitter party on October 30th between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m., where we'll be talking all about shoes and boots. Make sure to follow along with host @moeturner and me, @MrsLoulou, @Mom2Michael, @LisaThornbury, and @kidsumers for a fun conversation and for the chance to win.

Good Luck!

Disclosure: I am taking part in the Tana Shoe Care Blog campaign. While I receive compensation as part of my affiliation with this program, the opinions shared are my own. 
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