Saying No Is The Hardest Part

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I think Tom Petty got it wrong. While waiting can sometimes be the hardest part, I think that saying no to great experiences is most definitely the hardest part of all.

I was invited to go to The Outer Banks, North Carolina, this week, on an amazing press trip to explore everything The Outer Banks has to offer... and there is so much to see and do there!

I was, at the same time, invited to go to Denver, Colorado with Bridgestone on a fun adventure test driving cars on ice—in the Pepsi Centre. How fun is that? (With some great bloggers that I already know, too.)

While I'm beyond thankful at these amazing opportunities, I just couldn't make it happen this week, because of my commitments at home with my children and their schedules. I tried to juggle things around, but this week, I needed to be home to take care of things here.

I believe sometimes that what is meant to be, is meant to be, but believe me—saying no is no easy task, especially when the opportunities are so amazing.

Also, because I suffer from FOMO. (Fear Of Missing Out.)

Thankfully, I"ll be heading to North Carolina this spring, instead, to take part in the press trip at that time—I can't wait for that and I'm thankful that it's worked out for me.

I hope all my blog friends going to Denver have a blast, and know I'll be there in spirit!

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