Love To Ottawa

Today is an exceptionally hard and difficult day in Ottawa. 

There are a few days which stand out to me as turning points in our loss of security and innocence; of course, 9/11, of course the school shootings at Columbine and Connecticut. Those wounds are still not healed. Today, I believe this city lost its innocence, too. This wonderful city—the capital of Canada—usually a safe, beautiful city where nothing bad happens...

We leave our homes unlocked, we bike to work, we walk to school, we go out at night not having to worry about gun violence, for the most part.

Today things changed and I'm sure many of us are still in shock over the shootings that happened at Parliament Hill, the War Memorial, and in the downtown core. Gunmen on the loose. Lockdowns in all downtown buildings. Stores locked up. Lockdowns, even, in schools. We feel helpless. Sad. Emotional.

So much love to everyone in Ottawa today, especially to the family of the soldier who was killed at the War Memorial. Corporal Nathan Cirillo, Canadian hero. Father. Son. Friend. Soldier. Dog rescuer. The only name that matters today. We won't forget you. And we will rise above.

Also, so much love for Kevin Vickers, also a Canadian hero today, a decorated police veteran and now, Sergeant-at-Arms on Parliament Hill who killed the gunman.

Officers rush forward, into the line of fire, to save us. My God. The bravery. We are so, so thankful, today more than ever, for the first responders who do everything they can to keep us safe.

Today, we pray for Ottawa... my thoughts are with everyone in this lovely city, especially to the brave men and women who risk their lives for us everyday. We can't thank you enough.

Love you, Ottawa. We stand on guard for thee.
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Jane at Daly Beauty said...

We stand together <3

katerina mertikas said...

Tragic end to a wonderful brave young man. Ottawa will not be the same again.