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I'm home after a few inspiring days at BlissDom Canada. I've been doing the blog conference thing since 2010, and each time I attend a conference, I leave with a lot of great things—new work, making contacts, networking, seeing friends and making new ones, or finding inspiration. Sometimes, all of these things happen at the same time, which makes attending conferences very worthwhile. I have a lot of great BlissDom Canada memories.

I was asked to be a Community Leader at BlissDom Canada again this year, and to lead three micro-sessions. The topic of my micro-session was From Blog To Business, and I talked about how you can take your passion for blogging and writing and turn it into something more—and even make a living from blogging. Yes, it can be done! We talked about working with brands, how to approach people you want to work with, when it's okay to work for free, and why sometimes, it's better to say no—even if you're turning down a free trip or money.

Thank you to everyone who attended my three sessions—we had some really great discussions, and I loved meeting all of you, and seeing familiar faces, as well. Remember: if you have any additional questions, please email me. 

As part of my role as a Community Leader, I was asked to introduce the #ChasingFear session with Kathy Smart and Elia Saikaly. I have known both Elia and Kathy for many years from the days I used to work in television, so it was great to see these familiar faces again. They spoke so well, and the attendees left emotional and very inspired. Beyond inspired, I would say. I think we've found our Keynote Speakers for next year!

Of course, it was great seeing many lovely friends (Erin, Crystal, Sarah, Kathryn, Alex, Andrea, Nicole, Tamara... the list goes on and on, really.) including my constant blog roommate, Angella, as well as my new "boss" at, Ann-Marie.

In case you didn't know, I'm the new Community Manager and Online Editor for the Ottawa Branch of and I'm so excited. Details to come!

Ottawa represented BlissDom Canada well, too—and we think it would be a great idea to have BlissDom take part in Ottawa next year... what do you think? Ottawa rocks! 

I loved listening the Women in Media panel—such strong female voices working in our field, who have done so much. I met Cheryl Hickey, who is a mom of two—and the host of ET Canada. I think I love her even more because she said to me: "You have a six and a nine year old? That's impossible! How do you look so young?" Thanks Cheryl. I certainly feel my age. (We're both 38.)

Here's a great picture captured by BlissDom's photographer, Anna Epp:

Also informative was the #IAmWriting panel with Ann Douglas, Marci O'Connor, Brandie Weikle, Sandra Martin, and Jen Reynolds—all amazing women—best-selling authors and editors of your favourite magazines. It was a packed room as they talked about the right ways to pitch stories for magazine publication, what not to do, and what's really, really important to do. (Think: fact-checking, editing, and not copying other people's work.)

Of course, BlissDom Canada had some great sponsors that kept us busy between sessions, and it was fun to get new pictures taken with Anna Epp. She's talented and easy to work with—no wonder she's the official photographer for BlissDom!

I loved bumping into this blogger who created a "must meet" t-shirt with these names on it... including mine, alongside Cheryl Hickey and Dini Petty. I felt very special. And honoured! Happy to have checked off my name.

Despite the fact that it was a buys couple of days, I managed to arrange an interview with David Chilton from Dragons' Den and author of The Wealthy Barber and The Wealthy Barber Returns for a second interview for an Ottawa magazine, so stay tuned for that—he's always so great to talk to, even though he's baffled over how much I like to spend, and not save. I guess I should read his book again?

Speaking of my love of shopping, I won a dress from Dress Mavens—so happy about that. The hard part now will be deciding which dress to choose... they are all so pretty!

Of course, everyone comes to BlissDom Canada for different reasons, (maybe even just for the Throwback Thursday party, or the awesome Carnival put on by Canadian Lentils on Friday night!) and I'm glad that I had a chance take part again this year as a Community Leader. There is so much we can learn form one another, and it's important to remember to do what you're passionate about, to never give up, and to just ask for what you want. The worst that'll happen is you'll be told no, but chances are, you'll be very happy with the results if you put your best foot forward.... and find your bliss!

Thanks to the wonderful organizers for putting this worthwhile conference together—till next year!
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Anna aka. BeachMama said...

Fabulous wrap up post Loukia!! Was honoured to capture you and see you working your Community Leader role. You have embraced the working blogger role and have transitioned beautifully.

Nolie said...

Sounds like Blissdom Canada rocked it yet again. Ottawa does always have a strong showing. I always find it funny the amount of bloggers taking over the rest stop on the way to and from Blissdom Canada that are car pooling with other Ottawa people.

Queen said...

Great wrap up post! Glad you liked the was wonderful to finally meet you.

Kyla@Mommy's Weird said...

I am so sorry that we didn't meet. I love Erin and Crystal, plus I was also a CL so that made me super sad!!!! Hope to see you next year!

Angella said...


Reading this brought back all of the good things from Blissdom. :) xoxo

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! So sorry to have missed Blissdom this year!

Courtney said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time - wish I had the chance to meet you! Hopefully next year? :)