What To Wear To BlissDom Canada

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With the BlissDom Canada conference just around the corner, I've started thinking about what to wear. You know, because I need another excuse to head to the mall! In all seriousness, I'm not going shopping before BlissDom. I know, shocker, right?

I have (as I'm sure you do, too) so much of everything already—so now it's time to shop my closet and come up with outfits I'll love wearing while I'm networking, hanging out with friends, learning, and having a great time at BlissDom.

I just did a closet re-organization, and I've (sadly) said goodbye to my beloved summer dresses and shoes. No more cute little white dresses with wedge heels; but hello, favourite black dress, tights, and sexy ankle booties!

When it comes to dressing for a conference, I like to keep things business-casual. You'll find me in black pants from Express, a cute jacket, and booties. You'll find me in skinny jeans, a fitting sweater, and my favourite heels. I'll also be in dresses, paired with tights, because I'm finally accepting fall into my life, and I don't want to freeze.

Dress in clothes you love—in clothes you feel comfortable in—and know that as long as you feel great, you'll look great. I promise. No one is judging, either. Get some inspiration from the pages of your favourite magazines and add your own personal touch.

As for shoes? I live in heels, but I'll be packing my flats in my purse, just in case... when you're standing and walking for hours every day, your feet can get sore. (If you know you'll be mostly sitting down, feel free to wear your "sitting only" stiletto's!)

There is a salon and spa in the conference hotel, too, so if you need a quick hair touch-up, you don't have to go far. I'm already booked for a blow-dry on Friday. (Maybe even a massage? I could go for a massage...)

I've said it before: the best accessories to bring to any conference or networking event is your smile and your confidence. Throw some business cards in your favourite purse and you're good to go. 

Pull what you own from your closet, and make your style work for you! I love to stick to the basics—black pants, jeans, sweaters, boots, heels—in black, navy blue, and a pop of colour. I also love grey for fall, or wearing all black with some colour.

Whatever you do, whatever you wear—be comfortable, have fun, and be you.

See you at BlissDom!
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Karen Lamont said...

I agree LouLou. If you wear what makes you feel great, you will be great!