The Game Of Life (CAA Edition)

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Becoming a parent was a game-changer for me. I had no idea, really, that welcoming a new baby into our lives was going to be such a life- altering experience. Now with two boys in school full-time, things haven't necessarily slowed down, but our routines are a little easier to manage, and my boys are at such a wonderful age—nine, and six years old—and it's been a pleasure seeing them grow into the people they are becoming every day.

Some days, it feels like our life could be a reality show, because I truly believe the things that happen to us would make for some great quality entertainment on TV. Some days, it feels like we're players in the game of life, being challenged constantly in different ways.

Every day we are faced with challenges, every day we try hard to reach our goals and, sometimes, we're rewarded with success. It could be achieving something small, like cooking a great dinner without burning down the house, or it could be something huge—like getting that job that you think you're perfect for. Whatever it is, we are always and forever striving toward something, individually, or a as a family unit. Sometimes, just getting the kids out of the house in the morning can be a huge challenge, and that's okay.

Sometimes we're thrown a curve ball, (ah, life!) and we have to learn to just laugh and go along with the changes. Last year, before we boarded our flight to south Florida, I accidentally forget there was an apple in my carry-on bag. Of course, I had already checked off "no fruit" on my security form, so we were held back as they questioned me. We ended up missing our flight, even though we were running through the airport like that scene from Home Alone. Even though we missed our flight, we managed to get on another flight a few hours later. During the time we were waiting, we played some games, talked, and ate dinner together. It's all about not letting the little things slow you down. It's all about overcoming those obstacles—the minor ones, like a missed flight—and the bigger ones we're faced with. You never know what your day will bring, so I just take things in stride... and enjoy the ride, while mentally playing your own game of life.

THE GAME OF LIFE - CAA Edition is back again this year for the 4th time, and this time, it's better than ever. 

I'm so glad that I'm a GAME OF LIFE Ambassador with CAA, because I love spreading the word about fun contests that everyone can get involved in. THE GAME OF LIFE - CAA Edition runs from September 29th until November 23rd, and the best part is Members and non-members can play for the chance to win a prize.
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There are over $35,000 in instant prizes being given away, and all you have to do to win is... play! Up for grabs? Petro-Canada Gift Cards, Payless ShoeSource Gift Cards, Kernels Popcorn Gift Cards, Best Western Travel Cards, Sephora Gift Cards, gift cards to The Body Shop, and Starwood Pre-Paid MasterCards. Oh, and this is just a sample of the great prizes to be won!

You can play online every day, and it'll take you less time to play than updating your status on Facebook. Not only can you enter to win prizes every day, you can even earn bonus entries when you share your game activities on your social media sites. How fun is that?

I'm really loving the grand prize, though... the winner will get to decide between these three fabulous vacation destinations:

1. Florida Family Fun: An 8 day trip for 4 to Orlando theme parks.

2. Northern European Cruise: A 7 night Norwegian escape for 2 people with Holland America Line.

3. Signature Argentina: A 2 person, 13 day tour of the best of Argentina.

All three trips sounds amazing, but if I were to win, I'd probably pick the Florida trip because I love vacations that include my children. And this time, I'd leave the fruit out of my carry-on bag!

CAA is the most trusted name in roadside assistance, and it's a comfort knowing help is always just a phone call away. CAA Members have access to not only roadside assistance, but life, home, and auto insurance; travel packages and insurance, and exclusive access to savings and rewards at over 164,000 retail locations and services around the world.

As a mom, I'm proud to partner with CAA and I'm so excited for THEGAME OF LIFE – CAA Edition. With prizes this great, it's worth everyone's time to play!

This post was generously sponsored by CAA South Central Ontario. 

Contest open to CAA Members and non-members. Complete rules and regulations are available at 

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