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I could spend countless hours at the make-up counter in any department store, and I love walking into The Body Shop no matter where I am in the world—from Athens to Ottawa, it's always a treat to stock up on my favourite items knowing that I'll love what I'm buying. For a flawless face, perfect nails, and soft, smooth skin, The Body Shop does it right, year after year.

I love receiving packages from my friends at The Body Shop, and today I opened my mail to find some nail polish from The Body Shop's new Color Crush Nails collection. I received three pretty in pink colours (in Cupid Pink, Oh, Petal, and Rosy Cheeks) and you can find all 24 shades in stores soon. I also received the new Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate. (Along with a gift card to Starbucks? The Body Shop know me so well!)

Here is some information about my favourite Body Shop products:

Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate:  "See life through younger-looking eyes." Sounds good to me! I really love products that help me feel good and products that help refresh me so I can look more youthful... and less tired! The Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate contains Edelweiss plant stem cells and the product instantly refreshes the eyes, and smooths out the appearance of lines and bags, for younger-looking eyes. It has a cool innovative cooling roller ball pump applicator, too, so it's easy to apply. I love that this eye cream makes tired eyes look more awake, and I love that it has a youth-enhancing boost. This is brand new in stores this month, so make sure to stock up soon.

Color Crush Nails: The Body Shop has come out with a brand-new line of nail polish with 24 uplifting, colourful shades. You're certain to find your favourite colour in this collection! The best part about this new collection? The nail polish contains no harsh chemicals, they are totally vegan, and they're not tested on animals. Also, the nail polish leaves a gorgeous glossy finish and it's quick drying—that's a must for me!

Colour Crush Shine Lipstick: I love the lipstick from The Body Shop—I've found these lipsticks to be long-lasting and very moisturizing, with the just the right amount of shine. These lipsticks retail for only $13.00, so you can buy all your favourite shades without spending too much.

Coconut Body Butter: My favourite go-to body lotion has always been the Coconut Body Butter. It works amazingly well, no matter how dry your skin is. It's rich and creamy and melts easily in the skin. Of course, I especially love the delicious tropical coconut scent. It instantly takes me away... to my favourite vacation spot and happy memories of summer. The Coconut Body Butter contains Community Fair Trade virgin organic coconut oil and provides long-lasting 24-hour hydration.

All-In-One BB Cream: BB Creams are all the rage, and I loving using a good BB Cream before applying my make-up. I find that it's a great primer before you put on your other make-up, like blush, eye shadow, and lipstick. Some BB Creams can feel too heavy, but this All-In-One BB cream  provides light to medium coverage and an even finish, and it's easy to use. It's non-clogging and offers 24-hour hydration. It starts off as a white cream that adapts to your skin tone.

Vitamin E Moisture Cream: This is one Body Shop's best-sellers, because it's so moisturizing and gentle on sensitive, dry skin. This moisturizer leaves skin very soft and smooth, and it's only $8.50—a complete steal for the great job it does.

Thank you, Body Shop, for the fabulous products—I'm always impressed and I love what you send my way

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