Take A Trip Around The World At The Calgary Zoo

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Canada is a such a vast, beautiful country, and there are still so many places I have to travel to and explore. I live in the lovely city of Ottawa, and have traveled throughout Ontario and Quebec more times than I can count, but I've only been to Calgary three times—and each time I've gone, I've loved it more than the time before! I love Calgary in the winter, and I love visiting Lake Louise and Banff. They're such perfect vacation destinations during the winter months, because everything is so picture perfect with all the snow and ski hills.

Summer is also the perfect time to travel to Calgary, because there is so much to do and see. If you're travelling as a family with kids, you should definitely check out the Calgary Zoo. A family vacation to Calgary during the summer months is the perfect travel destination that'll keep the entire family entertained, no matter your taste.

For ove 75 years, the Calgary Zoo has offered visitors from around the world the great opportunity to experience and interact with wildlife, right in the heart of the city, only five minutes from downtown. I love the convenience of being in a busy city, yet being so close to a large zoo where you feel like you're a million miles away. You don't have to worry abut driving for miles to get to your destination since you're already "on vacation."

The Calgary Zoo is Western Canada's largest accredited zoo and has over 1,000 animals, 6 acres of botanical gardens, a prehistoric park (the kids are sure to love that—there are even life-sized dinosaurs on display so the kids will be in awe!) a zoo-nique playground, and so much more.

I know my favourite part would be the Penguin Plunge! Penguins are the cutest animals, and I'd love to see the realistic penguin habitat they have at the zoo. Of course, you can also find the usual suspects at this zoo: tigers, monkeys, leopards, bears, wolves, and more. You really need an entire day—at least—to take it all in. And still, that might not be enough time.

My oldest son's favourite animal is the Komodo Dragon, and my youngest son's favourite animal (or, reptile) is the Crocodile or American Alligator. With so many reptiles at this zoo, including four Komodo Dragons, I know my kids would have a blast. (We have yet to go to the Calgary Zoo together, but it's on our travel itinerary! If it's anything like the Toronto Zoo or the Miami Zoo, I know we'll have a blast.)

The Calgary Zoo has so much to offer, so much to see and do, you'll really feel like you walked around the world in one day. You'll be exhausted by the end of your day, but it will have even well worth it!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All views and opinions are my own.
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