Kick Distracted Driving To The Curb

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Have you been guilty of texting while driving? I have. And I've been caught, too. I recently made the promise to help end distracted driving this year. And you can, do. The more people that make the pledge, the better it'll be for all of us on the road, especially now that children are back in school. The annual CAA Distracted Driving campaign is back for another year, and I'm hoping this is the year everyone makes the promise to do their part to be more responsible and aware behind the wheel.

There are no excuses, you guys. I'm guilty of driving with my iPhone in my lap, and twice over the last few years, I've been stopped by the police and given tickets. $300.00 in tickets, to be exact. The worst part wasn't he waste of money I had to pay because of my thoughtlessness behind the wheel; the worst part was being stopped for such an irresponsible reason—and one time, my children were in the car with me, and the police officer made me feel so bad about what I had done.

I know better.

I have two young children. I've seen what can happen when people aren't paying attention when they're driving, and many times, even if you're an excellent driver with an excellent track record, it's the other car that is doing something stupid, like texting and driving. Imagine if you were completely aware of all that was going on around you? You'd be a much safer driver.

Here are some important things to remember as you're making the promise to end distracted driving: 

1. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents and it's also totally avoidable.
2. Anything that makes you look away from the road is a distraction and can be life-altering; not only texting, but looking behind you as you talk to your children, searching for something in your purse, trying to find the perfect song to listen to—it's all those things that we do on a daily basis that we need to stop.
3. Driving requires your full attention.
4. CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) and other traffic safety partners have come together to launch an education and awareness campaign, urging you to make a promise. It's so simple, and it might be the push you need to stop yourself from doing the dangerous things we sometimes don't even think about. I know it's helping me focus more on keeping my eyes on the road.

The promise I made is helping me be a better driver—for myself, for my children, and for those around me. I hope you'll do the same and make the promise. It's simple, it works, and we can totally kick distracted driving to the curb if we work together.

No more texting and driving—no matter what! Let's all do our part to keep the roads safe for our children. It's up to us to make the change.

Disclaimer: I am working with CAA on getting the message out about the CAA Distracted Driving campaign. I receive compensation for my work, and all views and opinions are my own.
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