Gala Night (For A Cause) At Nordstrom

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You all know that I love to shop and you all probably know that my favourite store is Nordstrom—it's my number one place to shop when I'm in south Florida—so when I found out Nordstrom was opening up in Ottawa it was pretty much the greatest news I'd ever heard. (I tend to exaggerate just a little bit, but still—I'm ridiculously excited to see this department store open in my city, finally!)

Today I'm excited to announce that Nordstrom will be having a Grand Opening Gala in a few months—on March 4th, to be exact—and it's going to be THE most amazing event of the year, too. A gala night to celebrate the opening of Ottawa's Nordstrom in Rideau Centre sounds like an amazing idea to me. (As soon as you can buy your tickets—they go on sale in November—I'll post the link here for you to do so!)

I was speaking to my friends at Nordstrom today and I'm happy to say that I'll be working with them on spreading the word and getting everyone excited about this incredible night in Ottawa. I've also been invited to attend the event as well as to cover it for various media outlets, as well as here on my blog.

Before the big gala, I'll be celebrating at the pre-gala party taking place here in Ottawa, and I'm so excited for that! Of course, now I must find the perfect outfit to wear...

The very best part, though, isn't the fact that you'll be at this glamorous gala being treated to hors d'oeuvres, dinner, dessert, cocktails, live entertainment, a spring fashion presentation and being one the lucky first to shop the new 157,000 square foot store—the best news is that ticket sales (tickets are $100 each) benefit the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and United Way Ottawa.

That's 100% of ticket sales going to these amazing organizations. Talk about guilt-free shopping!

"As a company, it has always been a priority for us to give back to the communities that we serve before we open our doors. We are truly impressed by the reach and impact of these organizations in Ottawa and beyond,a nd we couldn't be more proud to support them through our opening gala," says Nordstrom Rideau Centre store manager John Banks.

I'm thrilled and already excited about this gala, and I know Nordstrom will be very loved in Ottawa. I can't wait to see our city support and attend this great night for a most worthwhile cause. The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and United Way Ottawa are two great organizations to give back to and support.

Stay tuned for more information... soon!
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