Summer Loving

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Summer moves at such a fast pace, I often find myself wishing I could press the pause button on time. Why does winter never move as quickly? July is over, and went by quicker than I thought it would. Of course that means we've been having a very good time, but still... I feel the end of this season is near, and there's nothing I can do about it.

We left for Greece just before school finished in June, and spent 20 days visiting the most beautiful country I've ever been to. To experience this trip with my children—for them to see where they are from, to visit with their grandparents and great-grandparents in their homes, and to meet my cousins and their children—was the most memorable part of summer for all of us. We're planning another trip to Greece next summer, with a lot of our friends and their children, too. My children adapted to the Greek lifestyle as soon as they stepped off the plane, never missing a beat. They loved it all.

We came home and July was half way over, and since we returned, I've hardly had a second to relax, but that's not something I am complaining about. Summer is all about being outside, seeing friends and family, and having a great time in every day adventures. The TV hasn't been turned on in months.

My boys did three weeks of Pedalheads Bike Camp and they are now amazing bike riders. They have two weeks of science camp and then sumer will really be nearly over.

Our very good friends (since childhood) came home from Dubai and we were honoured to baptize their third baby boy, Luca William. It was a wonderful day and all our best friends and family were there to help us celebrate this special day. Hanging out with our friends almost every day felt like the good old days, and we took advantage of having almost everyone together again in one city for a few weeks.

It's not time for summer to be over, yet there are signs of it coming to an end everywhere I look—evenings are cooler, we've already started back-to-school shopping, and I've sort of been itching to get back into a routine.

Before we say so long to this sunny season, here is what I think makes summer simply wonderful:

Swimming all day and all night long.
Driving with the windows down.
The music of summer. Like Harvest Moon by Neil Young.
The sounds of summer, like crickets and lawn mowers and kids splashing in pools.
Bike rides.
Playing in the park.
Scraped knees.
Soccer games.
Dirty kids.
Flip flops and little dresses.
Golden, tanned skin.
The smell of coconut suntan lotion.
Cold beer.
White wine.
BBQ's with friends.
The ocean and the sound of the waves.
Camp days and happy kids.
Daily adventures.
Lemonade stands.
Garage sales.
Staying up way too late.
Fresh fruit.
Building sand castles.
Eating ice cream.
Going to the fair.
Nights with friends on a patio.

What are things you love the most about summer?
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