Happy Birthday, Baby!

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Today is a day to celebrate—my oldest son, my baby boy, turns nine years old. NINE! Years! Old! Wow. Becoming a mom to this perfect little babe has changed my life in so many ways—he changed my life for the better, and he brightens my days, along with his brother, like nothing else on earth can.

I am thankful every single day that I am lucky enough to be his mother. He makes me very proud. 

"Christos's positive energy, kind nature, and contagious smile are just three of his many qualities. It has been a pleasure teaching Christos this year." Words from his favourite teacher—and I could not agree more. He is a very special boy.

I love how much my boy loves learning, science, Minecraft, astronomy, animals, the world, his friends and his family. He is loyal, loving, gentle, and has a heart of gold. 

Happy Birthday, baby. We love you to the moon and back. 

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Nenette AM said...

Belated greetings!!! Where did the time go?! He's grown so much! He was a baby when we first met! I hope it was a wonderful celebration. xo