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Dermablend makeup was created in 1981 by dermatologist Dr. Craig Roberts. His wonderful concept gave birth to a line of makeup that is truly the ideal way to beautify the skin with science and dermatology behind it. Makeup is your go-to product to hide blemishes, add a pinch of colour to your skin, and maybe help slow down the process of aging. But can your current collection beat a high-performance line created by a dermatology genius? Check out Dermablend's products and see for yourself if you'll be making the switch.

1. Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation SPF 20: When you need "heavyweight" coverage but in a lightweight composition, all you need to apply is Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation. You'll get a radiant complexion for up to 16 hours. In addition, you'll feel shielded as it includes SPF 20 in the formulation. Various shades are available.

2. Dermablend Cover Creme Foundation: For those who want to experience a foundation that works while looking and feeling natural all day, this Cover Creme Foundation is the perfect choice. It's made with natural ingredients to highlight your natural skin tone while providing 12 hour coverage. Now your skin will be at its best state: soft, fresh, and hydrated. Different shades from light to dark are available for all skin types.

3. Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer: For normal skin with moderate imperfections, all you need is a Quick Fix Concealer from Dermablend. You need a formula that easily blends with your natural skin tone, but doesn't leave heavy residue on your pores and wrinkles. It's available in different shades to match your skin colour. Plus, it comes in an easy-twist compartment so you can control how much product you're getting.

4. Dermablend Redness Reducing Primer: Whether it's the presence of pimples or just irritation, skin redness can to be an attention-getter—in a negative way. What you need to apply is Dermablend Redness Reducing Primer. Treat affected areas with this product before applying foundation.

5. Dermablend Intense Camo Compact Powder: Now a fan of liquid or cream foundation? Try a lighter version with Dermablend's powder foundation. The compact powder infuses high quality Camo Pigments that hide imperfections all-day long. NO need to worry about that extra shine on your face because you'll get a flawless, camouflaged result every signal time.

6. Dermablend's Quick Fix Illuminator: Dark under-eye circles? Puffy eyes? Dull skin? All you need is one product to conceal, brighten, and highlight. This Quick Fix Illuminator is the answer to all facial flaws that are hard to miss. Hide dark under eye circles and other signs of fatigue. This product is everything you need to look young and vibrant in one stick.

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