Summer Vacation In Greece (With Pictures!)

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There is nothing more amazing than traveling—near, far, and as frequently as possible. I love to get away as often as I can, with my family. My two boys are amazing travellers and they love the adventure of travel, too. Often we travel as a pack: my husband, my kids, me, my parents, my sister, and her family. It's a great thing, because you always have fun company, the kids have cousins to play with, and we have build-in babysitters.

We all just got back from a three week vacation to Greece, and it was perfect in every way. I'm so thankful and happy that we all got to experience this together, and I can honestly say it was my favourite vacation ever. Memories to last a lifetime...

I've been to Greece many times, so for me it felt like going home again. It was great that we were all able to make it happen this year, and it was especially memorable because it was our children's first time heading overseas to see where their family is from, and to see their grandparents' homes, and their great-grandparents', too. The history and culture of Greece is second to none, and they loved learning and touring the ancient ruins, including fortresses and the Parthenon in Athens.

We went to my grandparent's city of Tripoli for a few days, where we made day trips to the picturesque cities of Loutraki and Nafplio to swim in the gorgeous sea. The boys loved the sea, even more than the ocean in south Florida, because the water was way more calm. We stayed at Palatino Rooms and Apartments, less than a block away from my grandparent's home. It was such an adorable place to stay, and very clean. We had an apartment with a bedroom and lots of room for the four of us. We had a full kitchen, and two balconies, too.

From Tripoli, we all headed to my father's city of Patras, my favourite city in Greece, and the one that holds the most memories for me—from my childhood, to my teenage years and my early 20's. We reconnected with all our cousins, took the kids to my favourite hotel, Porto Rio, and had a blast swimming all day and eating the amazing food that Greece is known for.  Oh, I miss the food already!

After Patra, we went to my in-law's beach house in Kanali, near Prevesa. They build a stunning home right on the sea and it felt like home, instantly, to our boys. We went into the city of Prevesa a few times, and to Parga, another favourite city of mine in Greece. 

My husband than took me away for a mini-getaway to the island of Lefkada—absolutely stunning island, by the way—where we stayed at the gorgeous Ionion Blue resort. Our suite even had a private pool overlooking the sea. It was like a mini second honeymoon, and I was so proud of myself for being able to leave the kids in another city without freaking out! The break was well worth it.

We ended our vacation in Athens, and stayed at the Ledra Athens hotel where we relaxed around the roof top pool and toured the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Acropolis museum. A must-see if you're Athens, by the way. My kids loved it.

Now we all can't wait to get back to Greece, hopefully next summer, or the summer after that. After all, it is a very expensive vacation, but it's so worth it... the kids now have amazon memories to last a lifetime. I'll write in more detail about our trip later on, but if you have any questions relating to travel in Greece—from where to stay, shop and eat—just let me know. I'm a wealth of information about Greece, my motherland, and I've been to enough cities to declare myself a Greek travel expert!

Till next time...

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