The End Of Another Chapter

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It's June, my most favourite month of all. Summer is finally here, the weather is beautiful, there is an excitement in the air because school is coming to an end for an another year, and it's vacation time. June is also a very bittersweet time, filled with cha-cha-cha-changes.... both good and bad.

I volunteer at my children's school often, and right now, the kids are wilder than usual, the walls are no longer filled with art, projects and crafts, and the countdown to summer vacation is on. I've stopped caring about packing the perfect school lunch, and just randomly throw pieces of food in the lunch bag and go.

My oldest son is finishing grade three, and he's already said good-bye to one of hist best friends who just moved to Nova Scotia. Promises were made to stay in touch, via emails and text messages, and already they are texting non-stop. It's adorable to see, even though it breaks my heart a bit, too.  His other best friend is going to a different school next year. But at least they'll still have each other—they're just a two minute drive away from one another.

I know my son will feel these changes when school starts again in September. He'll be without his two closest buddies, and he'll be starting French Immersion. I know he'll be fine—after all, he's very well-liked, he's smart, and he's incredibly kind to everyone. With his personality, I know he'll be okay, but still—my heart feels a bit sad because, well, change can sometimes suck.

Saying goodbye to friends is not my favourite thing.

I reminded my son that my best friends never went to the same school as me, and I survived. And even now, many of my closest friends live in other cities and countries.

School is over this week, and then we're heading to Greece. My youngest son will be finished kindergarten... and next year, he'll be in grade one. I'm excited, and sad, because he's growing up way too quickly. I have loved working from home this year because I've been able to take my kids to school, and I've loved hanging out with my littlest before his afternoon kindergarten class. I made volunteering in the classrooms a priority this year, too. It has been a pleasure seeing friendships formed this year for my youngest son. He's got a lot of great friends, and both my boys had the greatest teachers this year.

The days are long, but the years are short, and I feel this so strongly as I see my boys growing up so quickly right before my eyes. I  wish I could press pause on time, because I didn't think it would go by this fast... and although we're enjoying all the moments, it's scary how quickly the years go by.

Take it all in... cherish all the moments, and make memories to last a lifetime. The memories will always be there, even though life will always be full of change—the welcoming kind of change, the bittersweet kind of change, and the sad change.

I am so proud of both my boys on successfully finishing another year of school. They are amazing little people who make my heart so happy every single day. I'm also very thankful that they go to a wonderful school with amazing teachers, wonderful friends, and awesome, involved parents. It makes  all the difference.

Here's to a fun and safe summer, everyone!
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