Keep The Memories Alive With A Photo Book From Blurb

I love looking through old photo albums with my children, reminiscing of days gone by. The old albums at my parent's house and even my grandparent's home are filled with photos from my childhood, vacation photos, and pictures of all my birthday parties, complete with bad hair and awesomely tacky 80's clothes.

I remember coming back from summer or winter vacation and running to the photo store to develop our rolls of film, anxiously waiting for that one hour to pass before we could have the pictures in our hands. The days before the selfie were much different, because we didn't really even know how many of our pictures would be "album-worthy."

I know we take way more pictures now of our children than our parents took of us, thanks for our smartphones we have at the ready to snap pictures, all the time. The problem is, I have thousands of pictures of my children and family but hardly any albums or pictures printed out. 

Thanks to Blurb, I just created a beautiful photo album with our recent vacation pictures. I love that Blurb instantly connects to my saved photos on my computer, Instagram, and Facebook. I take so many pictures when we're on vacation, and I just created an album with some vacation memories of our trips from the last few years. I know I'll be making another album (or two, or three!) when we return from our summer vacation in Greece.

I love this beautiful hardcover photo book so much!

The picture quality inside is great, too.

A photo album documenting vacation memories is a great book to leave on your coffee table so everyone can flip through when they come over. It's a conversation starter, and more than that, your memories are right there in front of you, always. I love giving Blurb photo books as presents, too—because believe it or not, even my parents and in-law's aren't printing out pictures anymore like they used to. Pictures and photo books are always a great gift idea. 

It's so easy using Blurb to create a hardcover or softcover photo book, and it's also very affordable. You can even share your Blurb photo book with family and friends on Facebook, your blog, or your website. 

Now that summer is here, it's the perfect time to get your holiday photos together and make a great book with all your memories. If you've been putting this off, I can help you.

I have a coupon to give to one of my readers worth $50.00 to create a perfect photo book!

Enter here to win a Blurb photo book:

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Good Luck!

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Unknown said...

I love making these photo books, as well! We make them after big trips, and instead of using those fill-in-the-blank baby books, I make a book for each child with photos from birth to 2 years old.

Frances Story said...

My favourite vacay is with my kids in the East Coast!

flowerchild said...

I went to Ireland last year, that was my favorite

Mark said...

My fav. vacation destination is ANYWHERE! I love to get away with my family and would settle for anywhere we can be together and have fun.

We make one giant Blurb book each year highlighting the best photos of the year. We love to go back and look through them. So much more useful than old fashion photo albums!

Marla said...

We love disney

Erika E said...

Orlando is my favourite destination. We always have so much fun there and there's so much to do!

Donna Kellogg said...

my favorite place to Vacation is Disney the happiest place on earth