Hair Damage Criminal: Guilty!

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I am guilty of being a hair "damage criminal." Weekly blow-dry's are a routine part of my life, and I love using my flat iron almost every day. (I know, so bad, right?) My hair is very damaged because I have been highlighting it blonde since I was 16 years old, and my weekly blow-dry's at the salon by my favourite hairdresser does not help my damaged hair situation! When I'm not at the salon, I'm using my blow-dryer at home.

I've noticed this year that I had been losing some of my hair because of the damage from the colour and blow-drying, and I've started taking better care of my hair now, to make it stronger—and healthier—like it once was. I've used a lot of products at home, and have seen some results, but nothing as good as the results I have seen with using Fructis Damage Eraser by Garnier. 

I wasn't sure it would really "reconstruct my hair's strength's by 90%" but after using it repeatedly for a few weeks, I have absolutely noticed a huge difference. I'm losing less hair when I brush it, and my hair feels and looks healthier. I don't even feel bad using my flat iron anymore, because my hair feels so much healthier.

Along with the Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser, I've also been using the Damage Eraser Shampoo and Conditioner. They are now my favourite hair care products, and I've even brought the shampoo and conditioner to my salon to show my hair stylist.

The Fructis Damage Eraser is not only the latest in hair care innovation from Garnier, it's made specifically for someone just like me: someone with over-processed, heat-damaged hair. It's amazing and has truly rejuvenated my hair. I used it, I loved it, and I will use it again and again because my hair isn't as damaged as it once was.

It also smells so delicious, and now that summer is here, it's a great time to take that extra step to make sure hair is healthier, because on top of repeated blow-drying and flat-ironing, I'll be in and out of the ocean and pools, which will inevitably lead to some hair damage. Garnier to the rescue!

If you visit the Garnier website you can find out even more about the new Fructis Damage Eraser product line, and enjoy a limited time trial offer, to see how much you'll love the product yourself! (I promise you'll love it as much as I do!)

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Garnier L'Oreal Canada via SheBlogs. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and not indicative of the opinions or positions of Garnier L'Oreal Canada. 
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