Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

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I've been married for ten years, and this June will mark my 11th wedding anniversary.  I was married in the summer of 2003 and preparing for my wedding was like a full-time job, from selecting the perfect wedding dress (thank you, Justina McCaffrey!) to selecting the venue that had the most delicious food with the biggest dance floor. We had a big, glamorous Greek wedding, and it's a day I'll always remember—it's still one of my most favourite days ever.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and I have to say, my husband did a great job choosing my engagement ring. It's a diamond solitaire, six-prong set in white gold. Selecting and paying for a diamond engagement ring can be super stressful, though, especially with all the other expenses that come with weddings.

I love that Canadian Diamond retailer Spence Diamonds offers a great payment method for couples who are trying to be financially responsible with their wedding preparations.

The new online Spence Payment Plan gives shoppers the option to create the diamond engagement ring they really want—completely customized! How does this work? You select any diamond engagement and any diamond you want. When you pay just 15% down plus a small fee, you have a full year to pay off the remainder of the balance. This is also interest-free, which is an even better thing.

Basically, this is how the new payment plan works:

1. Select the engagement ring of your choice.
2. Pay 15% down, plus a $175 prototype fee, and you'll then have 12 months to pay off the balance, interest-free.
3. Spence Diamonds will manufacture a prototype of the ring you have purchased, a perfect "double" of the ring you'll end up with a year later. (This ring isn't real gold and doesn't have a real diamond, but it will look real, and you'll receive the real ring that's being custom made when the final payment has been made.)
4. You will get back your $125 after you return the prototype ring, once your real ring is ready.

More about Spence Diamonds:

Spence Diamonds was founded in 1978 in Vancouver, Canada, and has retail locations across Canada (in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto.) Spence Dimaonds is proud to offer its customers the best possible value for top quality diamonds, the ability to create their unique handcrafted diamond engagement ring, a personalized education on diamond grading and the industry's most comprehensive no-charge guarantee. More information on Spence Diamonds, Canada’s largest Canadian-owned diamond jeweler, can be found at

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post, however all views and opinions are my own.
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