Breaking Bad Obsession

Anyone who knows me knows I get easily obsessed with things. I often say things like "Oh my God, you guys? I just saw the BEST movie EVER. Like, seriously. You have to go see American Hustle, because it was THE BEST." I say things like this all the time, so I get that those closest to me may not totally believe me when I get super excited about the new things I love.

This is me, basically:

Best song ever! Best movie ever! Best burger ever! Best vacation ever! I get it, I tend to over-exaggerate things sometimes. When I started watching House of Cards on Netflix, I said it was the best show ever. I loved it. (Still do!) I even wrote about my Mad Men obsession. I made sure everyone I was friends with watched it. My friends listen to me because it's the only way I'll leave them alone and drop a subject, so they oblige, whether they want to or not. (Thanks, friends! You know I'm right!)

You guys, here's the thing. This time when I say to you THE BEST EVER I mean it, 100%.

The best television series in the history of television is Breaking Bad. PERIOD. 

I know I'm late to the game here, but oh my. Oh, my God.

Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad! Breaking Bad. It is all over. I am so very, very sad.

I just powered through the five seasons in, like, two weeks. I tried so hard to take it slow, but things sometimes have to happen quickly, because waiting is impossible when things are that good.

Walter White. Jesse Pinkman. Sigh!

Every single episode of Breaking Bad was unbelievably incredible. I mean, there was an entire episode about a fly, and even that was amazing.

Every episode had me on the edge of my seat. Cursing and screaming and laughing and clapping at the television.  There were episodes where I almost pulled out all my hair. One episode almost made me faint. My blood pressure was definitely at dangerous levels during the last six episodes of season five. And the ending, you guys? The ending? It was perfect. It was everything it had to be.

I would sometimes drive around in my car and see a police car behind me and get scared, forgetting that I was not the one with the meth lab. I mean, I even had dreams, dreams about Breaking Bad and the Mexican drug cartel.

I was going to write this post with major spoilers in it, but I don't trust my sister enough. Guaranteed, she's going to read this post, and the entire show will be ruined for her, because she hasn't started watching it yet. I want to talk about it all, because it needs to be talked about. (My sister promises she's going to start watching soon, and I know she will, because I'll drive her nuts if she doesn't.)

When I was depressed that I had finished watching Season Two of House of Cards, I told my husband how sad I was. He said to me: "Watch Breaking Bad. Trust me." Trust him I did, and now, I can't stop talking about it, poor guy.

Every character on Breaking Bad was amazing. Mike, Hank, Gus, Saul. "Better call Saul!"  Every major thing that happened blew my mind. I can say without a doubt that there has never been a better show, ever. And I am sure you will all agree with me on this, right?

If you haven't watched Breaking Bad yet, please do yourself a favour... watch it. And enjoy every second of the wildest ride of your life.

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Lucy Ye said...

Yep a great and thrilling show for sure, although I don't think it's my all-time fave. Since you're a little behind on getting into the show - are you also behind on the news that they're (probably) making a spinoff called 'Better Call Saul'?

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad your hubby recommended it and you actually listened!!! I agree, definitely best television series EVER. The writing was incredible, every question was answered, and the ending was perfect. Rarely does a television show do all those things (ahem...Lost, Sopranos...). I actually want to go back and watch the entire series again. Great post!

Avitable said...

Nah, you're wrong. Here's my post about it:

It was uneven and not as amazing as a whole as it should have been. It wavered between cartoony and serious and had some major writing issues. I liked the series, but there are so many series that are much, much better.

Loukia said...

I refuse to believe you were watching the same Breaking Bad I was, because it was the most amazing show in the universe. It was unbelievably perfect. I loved loved loved the characters. I totally get everyone's mad love for this show and why they always won all the awards!