Playful and Delightful Bedding For Your Little One

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When I found out I was pregnant both times, I was overcome with happiness and joy. I enjoyed everything about being pregnant, especially preparing for the arrival of each baby by creating a beautiful space for them to call their own. After all, I knew I'd be spending countless hours in the nursery with my children, and I wanted it to be very special and unique for them both.

I took my time with the selection of furniture, crib mattresses, paint colours for the walls, decor, and bedding. I was especially picky about what kind of bedding set to get—I didn't want anything too "cute", and I didn't want to go with something that had characters on it—I wanted something unique, classic, and beautiful. I was lucky enough to find what I was looking for both times, at a speciality baby store in Ottawa, and at Pottery Born Kids. The search for modern, stylish and classic bedding can be a very difficult task, though.

I recently discovered a Canadian company called Atelier Edele, created by a mom of two who was struggling to find bedding sets that suited her style. Her idea was to create artistic, unique bedding sets for babies and children using organic cotton. Her bedding sets are exceptionally soft, and you can even order swatches online, for free, to test out before committing to buying a set.

Bonus: The company offers free shipping for North America, and there is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. The bedding sets can be purchased in stores in Montreal and Ottawa, and shopping online is really easy, too—in fact, most orders are processed online.

I fell in love with the simple designs of Atelier Edele—looking at all the pretty sets gave me a serious case of baby fever—and that's a dangerous thing!

The baby collection consists of five crib bedding sets that have been created with the collaboration of local artists. Each bedding set is designed and manufactured in Canada, with an exceptionally soft "interlock" organic cotton.

The company's baby blankets show illustrations that were created with passion and blend perfectly in any nursery with their simple, timeless patterns. The blankets will last forever, and are reversible, too. They are large enough so that they can transition out of the crib to a traditional bed, and will surely become your child's beloved blanket for nap time.

You can see the Atelier Edele bedding sets in person at the Toronto One of a Kind Show, March 26th to 30th.

Happy shopping, friends!

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post. All views and opinions are my own.

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