Oscar Recap: The Best Of The Academy Awards

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I love the Oscars like the biggest sports fan loves the Super Bowl.

I've always loved the Oscars, and Hollywood, and movies. Everything about the movies, from the soundtracks to the costume design and everything in between. When I interned at Entertainment Tonight, it felt like a dream, and still sort of does. It was also a million years ago—or what feels like a million years ago.

Anyway, although I really wanted to start watching Season Two of Breaking Bad, (I don't know what took me so long to start watching, but thanks to the suggestion from my husband, I now have a brilliant show to watch to fill the House of Cards void!) I sat down to watch the Oscars tonight, and here's what I thought:

1. Ellen did a fantastic job hosting, and was pretty hilarious! Maybe not as funny as Tina and Amy, but good enough to keep us laughing during the entirely too long show.

2. Kevin Spacey (!!!) doing his Frank Underwood voice when he was presenting? Loved it. So much. Please hurry up with season three of House of Cards, Netflix—I don't know how long I can wait!

3. Although I didn't like the obvious product placement of the Samsung phone, I love this group shot Ellen took that got re-tweeted a billion times. (Kevin Spacey wins for best face!)

4. Jared Leto's shout-out to his mother was very touching and brought a tear to my eye. What can I say? I'm an overly-emotional mom. And he was very sincere and said some very nice things, not only about his mom, but also about the problems going on in other parts of the world right now, issues that need a lot more attention than who wore what.

5. Lupita Nyong'o. And now of course I must watch 12 Years A Slave. Her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress was moving, touching, emotional, from the heart, and reminded me the importance of being classy and beautiful.

6. Bette Midler singing Wind Beneath My Wings. Impossible to hear that song without crying. Impossible. Beaches is one of those movies I'll never forget, but cannot watch again, especially now that I'm a mom. I've seen it over a dozen times, but now, it would destroy me on a whole other level. Let's take a moment to wipe away our tears, shall we?

7. I want to go on a mother-daughter double date with Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn. Their relationship reminds me a lot of my mom and I, and I know we'd have a great time together.

Now let's talk about the fashion, because obviously it's my favourite part of Oscar night.

Cate Blanchett always looks elegant and classy. No big surprise here, friends—she was simply stunning. Her dress was absolutely beautiful. She really is breathtaking.

Sandra Bullock looked beautiful in her strapless Alexander McQueen navy blue dress—classic beauty.

Kate Hudson always makes my best dressed list for always looking gorgeous and sexy. I don't understand how some stars end up looking the exact opposite of themselves, but Kate always manages to pull off looking like herself—fun, sexy, and gorgeous.

Amy Adams did not impress me with her dress or hair style choice, but when I saw her on stage, she was just as sexy as ever and I warmed up to her form-fitting Gucci dress. Still, she looked much more gorgeous last year, no? Yes, she looked beautiful, but I expected more from her. Like maybe some low-cut down-to-there dress to set the tone for her American Hustle nomination?

Maria Menounos always shines on the red carpet. Like Kate Hudson, she almost always makes my best dressed list, and she did not disappoint this year either. I just really want to know what her lipstick shade was... because I want it!

Jessica Biel wore the dress I would most likely wear if I had to choose from all the dresses at the Oscars tonight. She looked beautiful... simple, stylish, and sparkly.

Lupita Nyong'o looked like Oscar gold, didn't she? I loved her dress, and that colour! So (minty) fresh and pretty. She was one of the best-dressed at the Oscars, certainly, but her acceptance speech was my favourite of the night. Perfection in every way.

Angelina Jolie... wow. She's gorgeous, but tonight she was dazzling, beyond. I loved her dress and her elegance.

And one more... no, not Matthew—his wife, Camila. She looked strikingly beautiful in her blush pink gown.

Congrats to all the stars who were nominated and to everyone who won this year.

What did you love the most about the Oscars? Who made your best dressed list?

Photos from People.com
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