Cruciani Bracelets: The Hottest Accessory From Italy

I love shopping for and discovering new accessories. With stylish accessories, you don't have to spend a fortune to change your look from day to day. A new pair of shoes, a cute pair of sunglasses, and some colourful jewellery can transform your look effortlessly. I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up so I can embrace spring fashion and accessories—enough with winter already!

One of the hottest fashion accessories in Europe is the Cruciani bracelet, which is made in Italy—the fashion capital of the world.

All the way from Italy, Cruciani bracelets have the fashion industry, celebrities, and people from around the world buzzing. These gorgeous Made in Italy lace bracelets come in a wide variety of colours, and each one is as beautiful as the next. They have become the must-have fashion accessory for men and women with over 12 million sold worldwide. 

Cruciani bracelets have been spotted on the arms of Beyonce, Kate Middleton, Heidi Klum and many other celebs. (Beyonce even posted a picture on Instagram wearing her Cruciani bracelets!)

These cute lace bracelets have become a global phenomenon. Tourists and locals stock up on them during the summer months in Italy—they're the fashion accessory to have, after all—and I've been given two of them, one in black, and one in turquoise. I love them, and I think they'll be super fun to wear during the summer months.

I'm also giving away a Cruciani bracelet to one of my awesome readers—this way, you'll be totally ready for spring and summer, too!

Enter here:

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The winner of this giveaway will be able to select the bracelet of their choice over at

Good Luck, my fashionable friends!

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Chantal said...

very very cute!

misty deibel said...

Green or pink

Anonymous said...

Lace is the best thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Love these bracelets, hard to find though in the US. Check out, for the biggest selection in the US.

andrea from the fishbowl said...

These are GORGEOUS! I love them all. I hope I win!

@a_m_rs said...

I like the black that way it matches all my outfits. so pretty.

Marta G said...

Why weren't these around when I was in Italy?! Also, I'm kinda obsessed with all things Capri because that was my favorite place we went!

flowerchild said...

I love the METHYLENE

Stephanie said...

Loving the purple or light blue:)