Two Oh! One Four... (Do More)

I can't believe it's 2014 already!

2013 went by quickly, and it was a very good year, with lots of ups, and downs, like any other year. A new year means new possibilities, new experiences, and doing more of the things we love.

I'm not making any new resolutions in 2014, but I will do more of the things I love. DO MORE is my 2014 mantra, if you will.

I am usually not very hard on myself if things don't go according to plan, but maybe this will be the year I set goals that are scary, goals and dreams that will take me a step out of my comfort zone. I think the beginning of a new year is a good time for some new goals, right?
. .
In 2014, more than anything else, I will do more of what I love. I will...
Blog more.
Write more.
Travel more.
Laugh more.
Shop more.
Love more.
Exercise more.
And I'll work hard at achieving the goals I set out for myself. After all, I love a good challenge.
What do you love that you'll do more of this year? 

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Stephanie said...

Love your list! Hoping to travel more, love more and do more in this house too! Happy New Year!

Brenda A. said...

Great goals! I was pretty happy with 2013. The only thing I would like to add more of for 2014 is to get moving more! It is too easy to just sit!

Sarah Robinson said...

Love your mantra for 2014! Mine?Be gentler on myself.

Happy 2014 Loukia. Muwah!