Five Amazing Beauty Products

You could say I'm really passionate about shopping for beauty products. (I'm passionate about shopping, period.)

I could spend hours in stores like Sephora and Murale, and I often get lost in time at the beauty counters in most department stores, like Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew. I have many favourite make-up and hair products that are on my "I could not live without" list. Here's hoping these never get discontinued!

Here are five of my most favourite products that I always recommend:

Moroccan Oil: I love going to hair salons that use Moroccan Oil. It smells delicious. I also love the Moroccan Oil Body Lotion, because then I can smell yummy all over. The Moroccan Oil I use on my hair leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and soft, and doesn't weigh it down at all.  I use it every day, on wet or dry hair. It takes away frizz, too. You can pick this up at most hair salons. It is totally a hair game-changer. It costs $43.00—a little expensive, but trust me, it's worth it!

Aveda Be Curly: Sometimes I leave the house with naturally curly hair and when I do, there is only one hair product I need to tame the curls and frizz: Aveda Be Curly. Like Moroccan Oil, this hair cream smells super yummy and out of all the products I've tried for naturally curly hair, it's the one that works best. Be Curly is perfect for anyone with wavy or curly hair. It's great at fighting frizz, helps bring out the best curl, and smells divine. It works best right after a shower, and you can just let your hair air dry. I also use it when my hair is dry, if I want to bring out more curls. Be Curly retails for about $23.00, though some salons sell it for a bit more. Shop around, or shop online at

Benefit Ooh La Lift: I love everything by Benefit—from eye liners to eye shadows, Benefit makes great products in adorable packages. Ooh La Lift is great to wear under your eyes, and just under your brow bone. This product is an instant under-eye brightening boost that helps perk up tired eyes, and yes, it works! I wear this after my other make-up has been applied. Consider this the best pick-me-up for your eys. It's $26.00 and it's sold at Sephora and Murale, or anywhere where Benefit Cosmetics are sold.

MAC lipstick: Everyone should have a signature go-to colour for their lips. That one colour you can wear with almost everything that instantly brightens your face and makes your eyes pop. It's best to shop around for a colour that you'll fall in love with, and one that suits you best. My favourite go-to lipstick is my MAC and it's called Saint Germain. I love this beautiful pink!

BADgal Liner: Benefit makes my favourite eyeliner. I love the BADgal Liner in black because it goes on smooth, and acts almost like a liquid liner. This eyeliner is also waterproof, which is perfect to wear on vacation when you'll be in and out of the pool or ocean! No need to worry about your make-up running. This sells for $20 at stores like Murale.

Happy shopping, everyone!
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Suzanne said...

Little secret: Moroccan Oil is sold at Winner's for, like, half the cost!

And I will HAVE to try Aveda Be Curly!!! I've tried every product and still have yet to find a decent product that will tame the curls. Thanks, Lou! :)

Loukia said...

Suz: I'll absolutely be on the lookout for Moroccan Oil at Winners! I bet is sells out fast. Thanks, darling. xo

Sarah Robinson said...

I'm with Suzanne - can't wait to try Aveda Be Curly. May have to test it in the Cuban humidity in a few weeks. Yippee!!!